Friday, December 19, 2008

Pics from Mrs. Irene

These are photos from Santa's visit to our church. Look how big Dalton is!! It's amazing to me. Dylan was saying cheeseburger, same thing he was saying in the Christmas card photo:)

Thursday Night

Yesterday was a good day. All of the Bryant family is so tired!! Dalton has been a little whiney and grumpy but it's been a busy week. Dylan doesn't get whiney 'til night time. I picked them up yesterday and all the teachers just loved their baked goods. Dalton got tons of candy!! So on the way he ate and ate and ate. We stopped at WalMart to pick up pictures. Break Down number one-we didn't get a toy surprise because...well, just because. We then went by the Burger Barn to get dinner for us. Neptune was our next stop to take Daddy dinner. A quick stop by the library to return books and check out new ones. Every time we go into the library Dylan stinkies in his diaper on the stage. EVERY TIME!! I guess the stage is relaxing. Dalton had to go too. I told him to go to the potty and I would come in to check on him shortly. Nope that was break down number 2. He didn't want to do it that way he wanted me to come in with him. I told him then he'd just have to wait til we got home. When I buckled him in the car he kept crying and fussing that he wanted to go back to the library to potty. Long car ride home even though it only took about 3 minutes. We ran in the house, pottyed, ate the burgers then.....ran to the school to watch my nephew Hayden in the Holiday Ho-Down. K-3rd grade sing Christmas songs for about 30 minutes. It was really cute. Hayden did a great job!! He sang almost every word of all the songs. I can't do that. Break down 3 for Dalton was walking in the parking lot. This wasn't too bad, he just didn't want to walk with me he wanted to run ahead. No screaming or crying though.
We got home at 6:30 and the boys played trains and cars. They played great together. Bath time came and then books. We started reading at 7:30 and read for an hour. We read all of our library books (5), then 3 books from the book fair, then the two they got at school yesterday, plus Jack and Annie and the Bible. Wow!! Lots of reading. Dylan asked to go to bed this was at 8:35. So straight to bed he went without even a whimper. His eye seemed a little gunky. I put drops in it and to sleep he went. Dalton wanted to read Jonah as well last night and I told him that we'd do that tomorrow. That was Break down 4. He pitched a fit for another Bible story....then he pulled his covers off his bed. He had to fix them back and that was just awful!! Finally he laid down and about 5 minutes later he was asleep. I picked up a little then fell asleep in the recliner waiting on Michael. I hate to go to bed without him at home. He got home at 12:30 then showered and we went to bed. I was up at 5 this morning. I'm so ready for a break and a nice nap.

We're taking Dalton on a date tonight. I think Dyl will go with us, but it's to celebrate Dalton's 5th birthday. We've got to be home early, Michael has to go in at 4 in the morning. He loves Cock of the Walk and Red Lobster but he said "maybe we can go to Cozumel". That's a local restaurant and he loves the chips and dip. We'll see.

Not much else to report, I hope yall have a great weekend. I hope we get some much needed REST!! Take care!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bryant Update

Wow I haven’t typed anything since the 11th! A lot has happened! Our little family of four has been super busy!

On Friday the 12th Michael and I had to go to Montgomery to have a nerve block in his back. We got there at 7:45. My Daddy dropped the boys off at school for us. While we were in Montgomery, and Michael was still numb from the sedation, we did all of our Christmas shopping. We were done by 1:30, we ate lunch at Sonic. We had no children and we still ate at Dalton’s favorite restaurants. We could have eaten at a nice sit down place but no we’re just kids at heart. We got home and Michael ran to get the boys. By this time he was pretty sore. He came home and crashed. I packed up our things and then me, the boys, and my parents went to Gadsden. Anna Beth’s 7th birthday party was on Saturday. I can’t believe that she’s 7!! We had breakfast with Santa on Saturday morning at the Gadsden Mall. There was a free breakfast, free face painting, and free carousel rides. Santa rode the carousel right behind Dalton! That was exciting. Dalt and Dyl got snowmen on their cheeks and Daddy got a snowman on his head. It was fun! The party started at 1. It was at a gymnastics facility. Kids were running EVERYWHERE! We left Gadsden at about 3:30 and got home around 6.

Sunday morning was our church Christmas cantata. Dalton was a little rowdy in church, but the program went well. Sunday night Dalton learned the books of the Bible all the way to Zephaniah. Last night we were reviewing and he said that he can’t say Haggai. I said, “you just said it” and he just smiled like he was proud of himself. I am so proud of him. He’s a sweet and smart little boy. Sunday night we bought supplies to bake cookies. Tuesday we baked! I prepared dough from 4:30 – 6. Then we baked from about 6:30-9. That was a long night. Dalton was so tired. He was running all over trying to stay awake while we were baking. He got 2 spankings for being disobedient, but I understand, he was excited and tired. My mom and Michael’s mom helped. We baked chocolate peanut butter thumbprint cookies, chocolate gingerbread men, peanut butter ritz dipped in chocolate, smore marshmallows, cookie pops and peanut butter cookies. Lots and Lots of Baking!!
We took them to their school party and gave as gifts to his teachers.

Wednesday we had Santa at church. The boys were great. All of the Bryant family was there except Michael. I took two lasagnas to his work party at 5:30 then bought stuff for my work party this morning then we went to church at 6:45. We had pizza, cookies, and grape kool-aid (sugar free). We also had a puppet show.
Tonight is our elementary ho-down. They will be singing Christmas songs. It starts at 6.

Dalton will be 5 on Sunday! Oh my, I’m old. I remember not being able to think of him as a 5 year old. He’s really grown up so much. I’m so thankful for my boys and I love them immensely! I am so blessed to have such healthy little boys, even when they act up! I got the Christmas cards done yesterday maybe I will get them addressed today. Dylan has a knot on his head in them too! He hit his head on the car door then on the brick wall, kind of a ricochet accident! Bless his heart. He kept going though.

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season as much as we are. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season. We are truly blessed to have the freedom to celebrate the birth of Christ. Enjoy your families! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a day late)

Yesterday was my mother in laws birthday so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR NANA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! I really hope it was great. She is officially 29. Love you!

Last night was church. It was a busy day. We came straight home and Dalton requested sausage, waffles, and omelets for dinner. So I went to cooking. We only had an hour and a half til church so we were super rushed. Both boys stood in the kitchen and helped. I love that, I love doing everything together. I like that they like to do things with me. I realize how blessed I am that I get two fairly easy children so that I can do things like this with them. Our church was great last night. We have our church cantata on Sunday so it was our last big practice. Then we had mission friends. Dalton and Dylan stayed in the nursery since my mom was helping keep it last night. They played with pretend food.

We got home and had to get on PJ's read books and get straight to sleep. We had such a late night Tuesday that I'm sure school would be rough today without a good nights rest! Tonights our band concert at 7, maybe we can come for a bit. The boys might tolerate it for a while. We'll see.

Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Traditions

Last night was so fun!! We came home and made homemade Christmas ornaments then made homemade biscuits and cut them out with cookie cutters. They were yummy! We now have a 10 eyed glittery star with popsicle stick legs and arms! We also have a ball of pipe cleaners that is a "monster" for the tree. So cute. It was an awesome Christmas night and hopefully a tradition for years to come. Next Tuesday is homemade cookie making night!! We're making cookies for Dalt and Dyl's school party! I can't wait!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Prayer Request

I would like to ask everyone reading this to please pray for a high school friend of mine. His name is Jeff Sellers and his wifes name is Tammy. They were expecting a baby in February, however they had to deliver her on Monday December 1st due to low amniotic fluid. Adella Grace is now in heaven. She was about 2 pounds and they say she looked just like her Daddy. They had a funeral for her and her family is just heartbroken. I can't imagine how heavy their hearts are right now. The grandparents are Larry and Audrey Sellers, please keep them in your prayers as well. It is just not natural for parents to have to lose their children. Thanks!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our First "Naughty Note"

When I picked up Dalton yesterday there was a folded peice of paper taped on his locker. I asked him what it was and he replied "I don't know." Another student yelled happily, "It's a naughty note and he needs a spankin." Apparently he's been grabbing kids on the face and rolling around on the classroom tables. We had to go straight home and get a spanking and then write an apology letter to his teacher. I told him he would have to write a sorry letter and he told me that he didn't know how to write. So I wrote it, but he told me what to write. It was very sincere also. Hopefully it will sink in. We'll see.

So the night was hectic again. This potty training is killing me. Dylan loves to sit on the potty, but then he wants to carry the prizes he leaves in the potty all around the house to show me. So then I have to clean it up off the floor, not to mention that he has to tee tee every 5 minutes. So we spend the whole night pulling up and down pants and changing underwear! Madness.

We made a chicken pot pie. My pie crusts were bad, so I had to make a crust from scratch!! I know scary right! Anyway it turned out pretty good, Dalton even liked it. We then played video games, got baths, then read books. We only had time for the Bible because the story was a bit long. Dalton knows the books of the Bible to Obadiah!! I am proud of him! Even though we did get a naughty note. We prayed for better behavior today. He also asked it Santa would forget about the note. I told him "Nope, Santa never forgets. But more importantly Jesus never forgets but He will forgive." Dalton said now he's working on a Nice Note. Let's hope that works out for him.

Yall have a good day! Tonight's church night it will be super busy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Movies

Last night "The Grinch" was on television. I am so glad that Christmas movies are on every night now. We have movies that we own, but it's so much more fun when they come on TV. We watched that after baths and during dinner. We ended up just playing in the floor while it was on. Then it was time for books, we only read two. Jack and Annie and the Bible. Prayers were next, I didn't ask for prayer requests because it was already 9:30 and Dylan prays for EVERYONE he knows, even fire and garbage trucks. As soon as they were in their beds, they were sound asleep. Michael didn't get home til 12 last night and he went in at 12 yesterday afternoon. He was pooped.

Also I forgot to tell you about Dylan's injuries. He got a little people race track with his birthday money. He's been wearing underwear so when he falls he actually feels pain on his bottom now. He has fallen all over this race track about 10 times. He has 5 or 6 bruises on his legs and bottom. Last night he was closing the cabinet where the trash can goes, and the safety latch poked him in the ear. His ear started bleeding and he was just crying so pitifully. I also spilled some juice and when I mopped it up he walked into the wet area and fell. This time though he just laughed and then he walked into the spill so he could fall again. He was just a laughing.

Dalton does all kind of flips and jumps off of all kind of things and never cries. He always just pops up and says "I'm okay". However, when Dylan hits him it's completely different. He comes to find me and just whines that Dylan hurt him. It's really quite humorous but of course I put Dylan in time out and kiss Dalton's boo boos. Last night was full of these boo boos involving both children. It was really quite hectic. I never really felt like we were in a normal routine until books and bed that's always the same.

Funny kids and great memories:)



We had a great day yesterday. It was so cold, but we played inside and had a great time. Dylan used the potty several times. He wore his "unnerwear". Everytime he tee teed I had to clean the floor, he's new at it so he forgets that he has to aim in the potty. All of you parents of boys understand. If you have daughters, bless you!

My Uncle Gerald is retiring from a long fruitful career in education. His reception is on the 9th at 2 in Grove Hill, Alabama. I wish that we could go. However, I have to work. Congratulations Uncle Gerald, I know Aunt Joann is ready for you to join her in retirement.

I wanted to leave you with a couple of pics of the boys from Aubrey and Jamie's visit.
Here is another of Dylan eating. He loves getting his picture made, he always smiles and says cheese. Such a cutie!

This is Dalton upside down on the couch. He is a flipper, he likes being upside down better than right side up!
They keep me going, I'm usually always tired, but I burn lots of calories keeping up with them. Y'all have a good day, count all of your blessings and it will be awesome!

Monday, December 1, 2008

So Much Stuff

Okay where do I start?? The 22nd we had a joint birthday party for our sweet boys. Dyl's 2nd birthday actually was the 22nd. Dalt's 5th bday won't be until Dec. 21st however since that's Christmas and there is tons of traveling....we combined the parties. We will have an immediate family celebration on his BIG day, but we wanted everyone to just have to make one trip. Anna Beth's birthday is Dec. 16th and Donna and I are always double checking when to book parties and we end up traveling two consecutive weekends. Anyway the boys loved it. We had the party at Pump It Up in Montgomery. I love the place, you do nothing but bring the cake and the rest is done for you. They clean, supervise the kids, write a list of all the presents and who brought them (excellent for thank you notes). I only had a little disposable camera because my digital is so messed up right now. So my brother in law Jamie took a lot of pics for me. Leigh Ann emailed me some. So that's what I've posted below. Anna Beth and Katie were there but Anna Beth started running a temp and began to feel terrible so Charlton just took them back home. They drove over 2 hours to play an hour then drive back two hours. I was so sad, but Anna Beth is much better now. She had strep and was already scheduled for a tonsilectomy on Tuesday the 25th so that's what they did. Maybe there will be no more strep for good now!! We missed Donna though. She had already scheduled a luncheon and my parents had a wedding to attend. But we just shared all the details later.

I wanted to post this pic of Leigh Ann with Jill and Luke. Can't you tell that Jill is Leigh Ann's daughter. She is the spitting image!! And from what I understand she acts just like Leigh Ann did too! I've always heard what goes around comes around. In the case of children it has proven to be true!

I love this little pic. The boys had jumped their little hearts out. They shared the king chair, but Dalton wasn't interested in the food. He was ready for gifts. While Dylan ate, Dalton opened gifts. Then once Dylan was done, he was ready for presents.

We are truly so blessed to have such healthy children. I am so thankful for all that I have. Especially my sweet boys. Dalton has really grown up alot this past year! I wish that everyone could just see that. However, there are just some people who don't see my boys often enough to understand how loving and compassionate they are. Anytime Dylan gets a time out or gets a boo boo Dalton is the first to comfort him. It's the same for Dalton. Dylan will just go over and give him kisses. Even if he's the one who has slapped Dalton in the face he will be the first to comfort him. He says "I sorry dalt dalt" and gives him kisses.
I know that Dylan is the baby, but several people only acknowledge him. He is a cutie, but so is Dalton. Often times at church or in a store people will talk only to Dylan and Dalton just stares at them and smiles and they never even acknoledge his presence. It just breaks my heart. I wonder what he thinks. He will sometimes tell me to say something about him. So now I just do it without being told. I just say "and this is his big brother Dalton, he is the BEST big brother" Strangers I can understand, but when family does it, it's even worse.
Enough of that! Thanksgiving was good. It was nice and relaxing. I watched the Thanksgiving Day parade, then we went to my in laws for dinner at 2. It was yummy. The boys napped before lunch so they wouldn't get in any trouble. Hayden, Gabe, and Dalton were wrestling in the yard and playing football.
Friday we decorated our Christmas tree. Everything is done now we can just enjoy.
Last night we had hanging of the greens at church. The boys played the bells and did pretty good with it. We then had finger foods after church. This is my favorite time of the year at church. Church really is where you should be all year, but esp at Christmas. Christ is after all the reason for the season! And me and the family are in church all year long! It's the very least we can do to show God how much we love Him!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One More of Dyl eating:)

Mrs. Irene, from church, sent this to my mother-in-law, Susie, and she sent it to me. This is from Sunday night at our Thanksgiving dinner. Dylan ate four peices of corn on the cob. It's his favorite. The second my mama sat down with it, he started reaching for it. You can tell he doesn't miss many meals:) He is a cutie. I've got more to update, but I'll have to do it when I've got a free minute! So....stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Of course by now you all know that I am a HUGE Bama fan, however in order to not be at the end of the serving line and not to get seconds for the entire family at the next Stephens reunion, I am posting a HUGE ROLLTIDE today. I posted a picture of my boys in their striped shirts on my facebook page and my cousin Russell told me that they looked orange and blue!! Yucky. I told him they were red and blue so I'm in the clear now as long as I let everyone know that I am an Alabama fan! I have always been and I always will be no matter how hard my husband and my cousin Christy try to persuade me to switch! God's country is Tuscaloosa, Auburn is just an imitator!! Hope yall have an awesome day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on Weekend!!

Sweet Dylan, mouth FULL of pecans! He ate more pecans than should be allowed. Loved them.
Aren't they cute!!

They played outside for the longest time. They were trying to kill a REAL bear, they even made a bear killer.


This weekend we had family in. My Aunt Carol and and her family came in to keep her grandchildren. Steven and Christy drove from North Carolina to watch the Auburn game. They lost, but it was a close game. I didn't get to see Steven and Christy, but Dalton and their daughter Aubrey played so great together!! Dalton even said they are getting married. I'll have to tell him he can't marry his cousin! Nikki and David had to endure my Sunday School class. They were sweet and said that they enjoyed it. It was a good lesson though. The lesson was about respecting our civil authorities. How appropriate being the week after the elections!

We took Dalton ice skating! He loves to ice skate, but it always kills Michael. Neither of them are very skilled at it. However, this time Dalton let go and skated alone. Big Big step. He did really good! Dylan and I walked around the mall and checked out all the Christmas stuff. He and Dalton rode the Train in the mall. They have it all decorated for Christmas and the kids loved it! It was really fun.

AnnaBeth lost a tooth on the top. She can also do a backhandspring. So talented. She's growing up too fast. Eli had his last soccer tournament this weekend. I think they won two and lost two. He is on a very good team! I'm proud of him. He's very athletic. I love my neices and nephews.

I asked the other day that you pray for Ella Norris. She is 16months and recently found out she had a brain tumor. They are going to do 10-18 weeks of chemo to reduce the size since it is inoperable. She now has a website at and her site name is ellanorris. I know our God can completely heal her and the tumor can be completely gone at the next doctor visit. Please pray for Ella and her family!

Parker Underwood,, went to be with Jesus one year ago today. He was only 2. Please pray for peace for his family. I can't imagine their pain. I think that's my all of my prayer list for the day. Yall have a great day! Hug your kids a little tighter.

Friday, November 14, 2008


"Ni me biss ma ma" so of course I did then he said "ni daw daw biss too" and so I did. These were the last words Dylan said to me yesterday before I left the house. It means Give me a kiss mama and give Dalt Dalt one too. So sweet. I will miss the baby talk when they're grown. Dalton told me that he heard on the news that there was a tornado going to washinta this morning. I corrected him and asked if it was washington. Sometimes though I choose not to correct their sweet words. They will be grown too soon!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

A high school friend of mine found out that her baby has an inoperable brain tumor. We know that our God is awesome and all powerful. Please lift up Ella Norris is your prayers she just turned one in August. My friend is Tamara and as a mother I know her mind is racing and her heart is broken. Please pray! Please pass this prayer request on to as many people as you know. They are in Birmingham today waiting to hear from another doctor. I'll update if she updates me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tonja Hetrick,, has tagged me to share ten things with all of you that I'm not afraid to admit so here goes.
The rules are:
1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog
3) Write 10 random things about yourself (see below).
4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5) Let each person know they have been tagged and leavea comment on their blog.
6) Let the tagger know when your entry has been posted

1. I love Jesus! I am so thankful that He has given me the gift of eternal life.
2. My favorite foods are chocolate, baked potatoes, and tomato soup. I could live off of these things.
3. All four seasons are my favorite! I love the change of the weather that comes with each season.
4.My favorite holidays are Christmas and Thanksgiving. I love the cool crisp weather and the snuggling up with my family!!
5. I wish I could be a stay home mom!! I would love to be able to be a full time homemaker. I miss my boys so much when I'm at work.
6. I am married to the most wonderful, loving, caring man in the world. He is an awesome provider for our family.
7. My first car was a 1978 Cutlas Supreme Oldsmobile. It was white with a green top that my daddy bought from my uncle. It was large and would carry me and all my friends. It was a year older than me. The reverse went out and I parked on a hill, my friend and a worker at the daycare I was at helped push it up the hill with huge clouds of black smoke pouring out the back of it.
8. I graduated from the University of Alabama with my bachelors and Auburn University with my masters. But I bleed crimson and white! Roll Tide Roll!!
9. I once failed 2 courses at Alabama. One was Math (go figure) and one was a Biology lab. Did you know you do actually have to attend those things??
10. If I had a million dollars I would take care of my family and make a huge donation to research for Pediatric Cancer! I couldn't follow all the rules, I only know 5 bloggers. Sorry. I did my best.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Whether or not you voted for him. He is our President. He needs our prayers! He is after all just a man and his heart can be changed. Pray for the sanctity of LIFE and Marraige!! With that being said, Let us pray…
A Prayer for our Leaders
HEAVENLY FATHER, with a humble heart and a thankful spirit we approach You in prayer.
We thank You for our country, our Constitution, and our military and political leaders.
We pray for the President, King, or Queen and for every elected and appointed official who serves.
We pray that You will build a spiritual wall of protection around the marriage and family
of every national, state, and local minister.
We pray that You will give them the wisdom and the courage to uphold a Constitution
which establishes a republic based on Your absolute laws,
not a democracy based on the changing whims of man's reasoning.
We pray that our leaders will study, understand, and follow the principles of Your Word, the Bible.
May they realize that all authority comes from You, not the voters,
and that one day they will stand before You
to give an account of the power You have given to them.
Please strengthen our leaders through Your Word
to cast down every law, policy, and personal example
which weakens marriages, families, or Your moral standards.
We say this prayer trusting in the promise of Your Word,
that if we will humble ourselves, pray, seek Your face, and turn from our wicked ways,
then You will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land.
We pray that You will rebuke Satan, the father of lies,
for the deception of his lie that mankind can be "as gods"
in deciding for ourselves what is right and what is wrong.
We pray for the leaders in Your church.
Bless the shepherds as they look out for themselves and the flock.
Bless the deacons, teachers, and evangelists' to serve with patience and love.
Bless each member to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We also take this time to pray for each soul who surfs this web site.
Bless them with humble hearts to accept the truth of Your Word.
Please bless them to obey your teachings
and give them the courage to teach the truth to others.
Father, may You continue to be glorified in the church by Jesus Christ
throughout all ages, world without end.
In the name of the One who holds the seven stars in His right hand…
by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray.
Let us ALL say: AMEN!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Wow the year has flown by!! Of course Friday was busy being Halloween. Our boys were Christian rock stars and they had mohawks. I have to post the pics when I get them developed. They were cute. We just went to my parents and my inlaws. The boys had a good time, they got WAY too much candy at their school festival. Saturday was pretty relaxed. We spent the first few hours of the day cleaning. Dalton dusted, he loves to dust. I changed out some pictures and cleaned rooms we did laundry and dishes. Pretty boring but necessary stuff I guess. I finally quit to go outside with the boys. We played soccer and rode the fourwheeler then of course we dug in the dirt. We took a nap then grilled out for dinner. Dylan was puney all day. We thought he had chidken pox, but the spots we saw were gone Sunday morning. However, he did throw up a few times and ran a low grade temp. He, Dalton, and Michael stayed home from church. I taught my class then came home.

I took the boys shopping with me last night to the grocery store. That's always fun. Dalton likes to treasure hunt. He found 3 coupons for me to use. That's great! He's such a big helper. We unloaded groceries then went back to town to tell Michael goodnight. He works til midnight on Sunday! The boys were so sweet when we got home. I let them watch a short cartoon before books then they both went to bed with no complaints. The time change threw them off and us too! Dalton somehow ended up in our bed this morning. I woke up with him playing with my arm then he went and woke up Dylan. Maybe we will get our schedule regulated today. We'll see.

Oh there are two little boys at Dalton's school who like to wrestle with Dalton. One choked him till his eyes watered (his exact words) then the next day a little boys tackled him and held him down on the ground until the teacher pulled him off. At which point the other little boy hit and kicked the teacher. Pray for him, he now says he hates school!! I pray that changes. He says he hates it because it's boring! I hope that's it and not because people are mean to him. We tell him not to hit but to go stand next to a teacher and the behavior will stop. If he ever hits back he will be the one to get caught and then kicked out of school. That would be our luck anyway! So please pray with me that the behavior gets better.

I'll leave you guys with some pics from the pumpkin patch this year and some of my neices and nephews. AnnaBeth can DIVIDE!! She's in first grade and has already completed some division problems. How awesome!! She's a smart cookie! I hope that rubs off on my boys, I still can't divide. Hee hee!! Aunt Ash is so proud of you Anna Beth! Keep up the great work!

Do you think Dylan was tired of pictures? He was playing peek a boo. They all had just picked their pumpkins after a long day of playing. Eli wasn't smiling for ANYTHING!!
A HAYRIDE, yipee!! Dylan had to sit in my lap so he missed the photo op! Below are Leigh Ann and Jamie's 3. Eli, Jill and Luke. I'll post some of AnnaBeth and Katie when Donna emails them. Yall have an awesome day!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

School and Soccer Pics

The school pics turned out good I think. And best of all I didn't buy ALL of them. That package was $122.00 that is just too much for pics that will mostly end up under the cabinet. Dalton's first soccer pics turned out good too. Of course I may be biased, but I think all pics with my boys are good. The individual soccer picture is not the best quality, off center and you can see the white roll at the bottom of the backdrop. She's not our usual photographer. She's the photographer that the rec center uses for all their photos. By the way she is in pretty bad shape at a Montgomery hospital right now. She had a car accident and had to be placed in a drug induced comma to let the swelling of her brain go down. Please be in prayer for her and her family. She has a four year old son who played on the purple team against Dalton's team this year. I can't imagine that happening to anyone in my family, I know it must be devastating.

I picked up the pictures yesterday then we went to Wal Mart to get Dalton a prize for his last soccer game. When we left there it was 5 so Dalt requested to go to the mexican restaurant for dinner. He loves to eat the chips and dip. When we got home we had to go out to the sandbox to play with the excavator that Dalton got. It was FREEZING!! Mama and Daddy came by to see pics so Dalton let us go in. Praise the Lord. We then took baths, baked cookies, made hot chocolate and watched a little cartoon. We read books then the boys went to bed. I had to stay up and clean, yuck!

We have church tonight. I hope I can get everything done before church so that when we get home we can just relax a little. I have a conference out of town tomorrow and Friday, it's about a new computer program. I have just learned one I don't know how much more my brain can hold.

Yall have a great day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Goodbye Soccer

Well it's over! Kind of Bittersweet. My baby's first team sport and it's over. He did great. He really attacked the ball and ran after it. He kicked it to the goal several times, but it didn't go in. It was so fun for him. Last night was super cold. Dylan stayed with my Mama because neither of them should be out in the windy cold weather. The funniest thing happened during the game. There was a stray dog out on the field. He grabbed someones soccer ball and ran it all the way to the goal and just had a seat. He scored!! Everyone got a kick out of that. The half time was only 3 minutes. I wish it was always only 3 minutes. Dalton does so good with constant action it's the sitting and waiting for the action that gets him. He had to sit and watch the game when they switch players. That's usually when he gets into trouble, but he didn't do too bad last night. Actually during the first half he was great! The second half he was a little more hyper. One of the little boys that he was on the sideline with goes to his school and they were crawling around chasing each other. Dalton now says he's ready for baseball. He and Michael have been outside working on his batting alot. He does pretty good but there is an awful lot of standing around in baseball, we'll see. David and Susie and my Dad were there to watch him. I sure do appreciate them for freezing to watch him. That is love:)
After the game we ate vegetable soup at Mama and Daddy's. The boys love to go there and play. Dylan ate most of his soup and I don't think he spilled one drop, he fed himself and got every bite to his mouth perfectly. The boy knows how to eat. Dalton ate a bite of a banana and that was it. We went home got baths, read books, and they went straight to sleep. They were pooped. Both were in the bed by 8:30 which is hard to do on soccer nights. It's all because we ate with my parents. I can't manage to feed them and get them bathed on time.
Tonight is nothing night, I love it! I hope we get to play outside for a while this afternoon. I am trying to order a new enclosure for our trampoline, we haven't been able to jump for a while because it has two big holes that the boys can fall out of. We'll just have to run around alot maybe we can play kickball. And we are for sure baking cookies and having hot chocolate with marshmellows!! Yummy, bring on the calories:)

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Few Things

Last soccer game tonight!! It was canceled on Thursday because of a few sprinkles and tonight it will be cold and Windy!!
We had a great weekend. I'm so glad Aunt Helen, Uncle Ben, and Donna and her family got to come for Pastor Appreciation Day. We had tons of food after church I ate way to much!! I went to find Halloween Costumes for the boys and there was nothing that we approved of at WalMart or Target. I did find a ghost costume and said that we could write Holy Ghost on the back for Dalton. (he he he) he wanted to be spiderman, but we couldn't find one he liked. He said he will just be a Christian Rock and Roller. We'll spike the hair and he can carry his electric guitar. GET THIS, Dylan said he wanted to be a footba daya (football player) and then he took it a step further and said Auburn footba daya!!Oh my gracious!! We all know I'm a HUGE Bama fan and Michael is an Auburn fan, but neither of us have pushed Auburn on him. He's 2 and already he knows how to push my buttons.
My cousin Russell is doing good as well. He doesn't have a tumor and I think the dizziness has subsided!
Oh while Donna was at Mama's she had Anna Beth doing her Subtration flash cards. Anna Beth does great on them and she is so proud. I'm so proud of her that she likes math and is so smart. She's growing up so fast!
Dylan ate 3 peices of corn on the cob at church. He ate one and then had one in each hand. He wasn't ready to stop eating! He's a little piggy. Hope yall have a good day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last Game

Tonight is the LAST soccer game. We are going to be so cold, but that's okay we'll just have more time to cuddle up. Last night we missed church. Dalton has been all out of sorts this week since we had the week off last week. He is craving lots of time at home. I asked him last night if he wanted to go to church or stay home and he said stay home so that's what we did. We never give the option, but I know if he didn't want to go last night then it would be a battle at church. We stayed home and he spent an hour climbing the fig and crab apple trees in the back yard. He and Dyl ate about 6 crab apples a piece and pears. We then went in ate pizza, baked cookies, took baths, and cuddled up on the pallet in the living room to watch a movie and read books. Dalton was so pooped he wanted to turn the movie off and read to go to sleep. He and I fell asleep in the floor at 9. I woke up and moved him to his bed at 10:20 Michael got home at 10:30 and Dalton was sideways on his bed. Feet on the floor on one side and head hanging off the other. I don't know how he was still asleep. I wish I had a camera that worked and I would have snapped some pics to post. Dylan had to go to bed at 8:15 because he started puching Dalton. I gave Dyl his asthma medicine and then he gets all violent. But he thinks it so funny. I guess it's just payback for Dalton. I told him he had to got to his bed for timeout and he said "Nooooo" but when I put him in bed he grabbed his paci and laid down. He was so tired too. Tonight after the game at 6 we have a bonfire at 7:30 at Reeltown for homecoming. I'm excited and the boys are too. They love fire, hmmmm, should I be worried? Long and busy day but lots of fun.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Next to Last Soccer Game

Or as Dylan says "gocca mame". He loves soccer and he wants to play so badly, but he's just not quiet big enough yet. Dalton however digressed last night. He has been improving a little each night. However, last night was an exception. He attacked the ball nicely. He almost scored a goal or two, but he was in EVERYONE'S personal space. He likes to make funny faces and squeeze other people. I told him if he kept his hands to himself he would get a prize, needless to say we didn't get a prize! Maybe one day he will learn the value of personal space. Yesterday was his first day back at school and he didn't get a nap. He was so pooped he fell asleep in the car on the way home from the game. He did get a trophy for participating this year. Dalton loved the trophy it is really cool and heavy too! His coach is really good with the children. He deserves the award. His children go to school with Dalton so we may just leave a little gift in their locker for him. When we got home I had to wake Dalton up we got baths they ate quickly and I let them watch a little of the Good Night Show on a pallet in the living room. We turned off the lights though so it was more relaxing. Dylan requested to go on to bed and I read to Dalton and we both fell asleep in the living room floor by 9. Busy night. Tonight will be more relaxed and the last soccer game is Thursday. Dalton is sad about that. He is asking when will he get to play again already. We will have to see what sport is next, and if I'm ready to engage in something else right now.
Dylan has to take asthma medicine right now. On my break we went to Pump it Up in Montgomery and he had a coughing spell then wouldn't do anything. He just wanted to be held. He's had a few of these before and I just thought it was due to a cold. But his activity has been decreasing. Dalton asks him to chase him and Dyl just sits and says No. The medicine seems to be working. We haven't really had any coughing since Sunday. And he chased Dalton under and around the tables at church on Sunday! Maybe it's just a seasonal thing and he'll grow out of it!
Our Sunday School lesson talked about how we all sin and how our lives are a tug of war between doing what we know is right according to the Bible and doing what we want as humans. Even Paul struggled with this. He had a problem with coveting. However once we know that it's wrong we tend to want to do it even more! Why is that...don't touch that stove it's hot, what do we want to do?? Touch the stove!! The law lets us know that things are wrong, it brings about our death. Not necessarily physical but most assuredly spiritual. The Bible says that the wages of sin are DEATH. If we steal (borrowing something and forgetting to return it that's stealing!!) the wage for that sin is DEATH! Sin separates us from God therefore producing a spiritual death. We do have to obey the 10 commandments (there are only 10 and we fail to obey those few) but if we just Love the Lord Our God with all our heart soul and mind and our neighbor as ourself, we wouldn't have a problem obeying the 10 commandments. Notice that they're not suggestions or good ideas they are COMMANDMENTS!! Given to Moses by GOD Himself! WOW! Every Sunday I teach and every week when I study I feel like such a sorry good for nothing sinner. I step all over my own toes every week. In God's eyes my righteousness is as filthy rags! I am no good without God. I pray each day that I will realize that and that I will fall at His feet daily and thank him for His Mercy and Grace! Think of this, we should have no other God's before Him and We should not have idols. What do we put before God if we spend more time doing other things than we do studying our Bible and in prayer then that thing becomes our "idol". That one is really hard to come to grips with. If we put things before Him we can't really truely enjoy that thing that God has blessed us with....Things to ponder><>
I hope your day is great! Mine should be:)

Monday, October 20, 2008

More Pics

These are the brothers! From left to right it's Don, Benny Ray, Larry, Bruce, Stephens (Larry's grandson) Charles, and Gerald. There was a lot of football watching going on that day. I think they watched three games. I only have two boys and I know they are a handful. Can you imagine these 6 there were 7? Uncle Randy passed years ago and a daughter Betty Carol who passed as a child. I'm proud of my family! I love you and am glad that I got to spend the day with all of you. I've already said it, but I can't wait 'til next year!

Wild Dalton, all day long!

There of course was no shortage of food, there never is at a Stephens' gathering!

Wow, how our family has grown. These are most of Herbert and Pauline's grandchildren. We missed Rachel and fam, Mike, David and Fam, Donna and fam, Leigh Ann and fam, Teri and fam, and Brian, Bryant and fam, and Brent and fam and of course the absent spouses. Next year I hope that everyone gets to come then we will all HAVE to be outside! Most of the great grands are in here that were in attendance, Frances got in the room after the picture taken and it was way to hectic to line back up! I am amazed at how much Stephens (yellow stripe shirt) has grown! He was the first great grand and he's almost seventeen.

By the way I need to thank Jennifer for the pics. She posted them on her blog and I stole them! My expensive digital camera is broken at the present. This pic shows just how much fun Dalt and Luke have together. They got tired of jumping in the inflatable so the hid under it! They are a mess.

Some pics from the reunion. Russell and Jennifer brought the inflatable jumper to Uncle Ben's and Aunt Helen's. Dalton and Luke (Russell and Jennifers oldest) played and played. Staci's little boy Braxton played while they were there too. They all had an awesome time. We should all get together much more often. The boys play so well together but they are all so rough! It was fun I have alot more pics that I got from Jennifer. I'll post some more later. I need to get Daddy's pics up here too. I will just keep checking back.

Long Time No Type!

Hey Everyone! Well, the first, second and third soccer games have gone well. Dalton has gone from doing flips on the field and being way distracted to no flips and only mildly distracted. He's four and this is his first team sport so he's doing okay! Last week was fall break from school and I loved every second of being home with my boys. I have no doubt in my mind that God has called me to be a mother. I love my children and not only that but I like them as well. That's out of the ordinary these days. We're rocking and rolling on Bible verses and Books of the Bible we're all the way to Ezekiel and we know about 26 verses. Praise God from whom all Blessings flow. We also attended a Stephens family reunion. It was awesome. All of the brothers were there. The 3 that won championships at Alabama and the one who played at Auburn were all side by side for the first time in a while. There are photos that I will attach. It was very nostalgic to watch my children play like I did when I was little. I love my family and am proud that we are so close despite the miles between us all. I think my grandparents would be proud too. There is alot more to update I'll post as I remember. I am going to try to get the pics up too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update on the Fam

Family Reunion on Sat!! So excited. Dalton has soccer pics at 8:30 that morning so we'll be getting a late start. Next Tuesday they have school pics. We're out for fall break so I will just take them to the school for the pics then home again. I can't wait for a break with my boys.

Yesterday we got a good report from school. They decided that Dalton does better without trying to take a nap, hello, we told them that already. He is so loud soothing himself to sleep, he usually sings or bangs his head on the pillow or kicks his feet. We told him he couldn't be loud at school nap time. Even the director said "well maybe he can just sing quietly" however, the teacher at naptime wants no noise. So the other day he was making a little rythym by blowing out of his nose. He had to stand in the corner. So when he got home he had to stand in the corner. The next day they gave him a book and let him color and do activities-he was quiet the whole time! So after school yesterday we played outside. It was fun and relaxing! They were both pooped at 7. They got baths, we read and they were in bed and asleep at 8:30. I wasn't too far behind. They both woke up several times during the night so none of us got much rest.

AnnaBeth got Star Student this week! I'm so proud of her, great job! She got to present a poster of her life to the class on Monday! That was their weekend project. she also has strep throat again. She is having her tonsils removed over Thanksgiving, say prayers now. Eli's soccer team won their game on Saturday. 8-3!! They are pretty awesome. Eli pretty much plays the entire game! They won't be at the reunion on Saturday because Eli has a tournament. I'm a very proud aunt!

Remember soccer game on Thursday. Dalton's practice Monday was humorous. He did handstands and ran then rolled on the ground! I was angry that he just wasted all of his time. But I made him go grocery shopping before and he didn't have anytime to get out energy and play before practice. I asked Daddy to take him to practice and I met them at 6:15 after Dyl got a bath. He's been on an antibiotic for a week and last week he was on a milder antibiotic so his poops usually require a bath now. Tomorrow's the last day of the antibiotic maybe the ear infections are gone!! Let's pray that they are!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend News

Well, Friday the boys went to school since Michael worked. I got good reports when I picked them up. Dalton didn't make one trip to the office, so he got his prize (an .88 cent stingray from the DG, it grows when you put it in water). He was so excited! We played outside that afternoon. Saturday we played outside all day. Michael got home at 2:30am so I got the boys out as soon as they got up at 6:30. We got breakfast from Hardees at 8:30 then I wanted to go to the zoo. Dalton didn't. We stayed home and drove the remote control monster truck. We picked pears, Dalton climbed the crab apple tree, they laid in the hammock on a pillow and got their blankets from inside, I wish I had pics, they were precious! We watched the games!! Yeah Alabama and Vandy! An Auburn loss always makes a Bama win sweeter!! ROLL TIDE. (sorry honey) Sunday we went to see BOB AND LARRY from VeggieTales in concert. I thought the boys would just love it, not so much. They were ready to go at the intermission. Dylan said "yets doe" (let's go). I spent $25.00 on a LarryBoy hat with super suction ears and a VeggieTales flashlight wand. Oh well. We got home and it was time for baths and bed. The weekend seemed to fly by.

In church we talked about sins and how ALL have sinned and even judging others is a sin, not tithing (giving back to God what is rightfully His, is a SIN) . The lessons always seem to really speak to me. No one will come up to us and ask us why we believe what we believe unless we tell them what we believe. so let's tell people the worst we face is rejection not crucifixion like our Jesus did! Let's not be ashamed on judgement day. Let's live our life today as if this is the day we will meet our Saviour!

Dalton has soccer practice tonight. His first game is Thursday at 6. He will have a game every Monday and Thurday of this month starting Thursday all games will be at 6. If anyone wants to come, they will be at the softball complex in Tallassee. He's on the gold team. I really hate by the way that we are on a Tallassee team, but Reeltown doesn't have soccer. It's okay though we all know we're Rebels at heart! By the way Reeltown won again this weekend. Go Rebels!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Better but not Best

Yesterday was better but not the best day, we had to go to the doctor!! =( Dylan has double ear infections. He's running a temp of 102 with his ears. I had to take him to the doctor yesterday evening. I went grocery shopping for FCA, with the boys (an adventure in itself), when we got home Dyl was running a temp and his eyes were puffy and red. Pitiful!! Anyway we got home got baths then headed out to the doc. Mama and Daddy took Dalton out to dinner with them. Then when they got home Dalton stopped in their room and curled up in their bed and told them he wanted to watch a movie. When I got there at 9 Mama and Dalt were curled up in the bed watching scooby doo. Dyl was asleep in the car. We got home and I took them straight in to bed. Sweet boys I just hope Dyl feels better today. He always arranges him teddy bear and puppy dog in his bed at night, not last night he just plopped. Maybe we will get to play outside today since our ballgame is away we will be home all night! First time all week! You all know I love to be at home. Pray for Dalt to have a good day at school. He will get a prize if he has been. He had to go to the owners office 2 days in a row. Once was all the boys in the class and yesterday was because he got in someone's face and didn't stop when the teacher said stop. Going to the office is BAD in our family. He thinks it's cool to hang out with Ms. Pat and get candy corn. Nope not flying here. I really want to read books tonight with him so let's all pray that he has a great day!We've only gotten to read one Bible story each night because he's gotten in trouble at school. Tonight will be better, I'm confident in that. Jesus says pray and believe and that's what I'm doing! Hope yall have a great weekend!
By the way, I asked Dalt what his favorite part about yesterday was and he said the most fun thing he did was going on a date with Grammy and Poppa. Thank y'all for being the bright spot in his day!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

So glad it's Thursday!

Yesterday was pretty terrible. Well not the entire day. Dalton was quiet at nap so he got a prize at the dollar store. Then we had to go straight to church and that's when things got UGLY! He was tired I guess, we'll just use that as an excuse for his wild tantrum. The Stephens really came out in him. I took him home and put him in his room until I calmed down. I do find that time out really is more for me sometimes. He finally calmed down got a bath and went to bed. Dylan cried the entire time we were at church which is VERY out of the ordinary. He loves the nursery and going outside to the playground. Not last night though. Anyway they both got to bed about 8:45. Too late, but it was just a rough night. Michael didn't get home til 2. I slept with the lamp on so I didn't really sleep. I dont sleep good without him at home. Then after he got home I thought I would sleep better, but I think I woke up every hour. Dyl coughed on and off all night but Dalt slept all night. I took them to school this morning. We left the house at 6:45 and I didn't get to work til 7:25 because I had to stop and get them breakfast too. I should have gotten up before 6:10. I had to shower and get them ready in 30 minutes. I did it! My hair was wet when I left the house and because it's short it was dry when I got to school. At least I dried my bangs before I left. Anyway, a bad day with my children is better than any day without them. I have so much to be thankful for. I know that this afternoon is going to be better! I can't wait to see my boys! Pray for us as Michael is working 12 hours a day for a while on second shift. 2-2 is odd and we don't see him at all really. But it's only for a couple of days. We just miss him. He keeps us sane=)
Visit and be in prayer for Hannah please. Pray for Steven to be able to help them.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Day

Yesterday was a great day! We had soccer practice, which went well. The boys did great! Dylan was so funny. He was running around making faces and growling at people. He had a great time. Dalton did pretty good at practice. He had drills to do he had to kick the ball around cones and do baby kicks to each goal. He liked it. He did alot of running. Before practice we went to the park in town, I brought a boxed dinner for them to eat. Then we went to the playground behind the soccer practice field for a few minutes. Dalton didn't ask to play during practice though. We got home at 7:00 and Dalton wanted to play outside. I let them race dumptrucks while I ran their bath. They needed it, their feet were black from wearing their crocs all day. It was pretty nasty! The bath water was pretty dirty. They played in the bath and when I walked in to get them out, they were hugging. That's just a perfect ending to a great day. We climbed in my bed and read books then we all went to bed at 8:30. My head was hurting and sleep was all that would help! I'm looking forward to a fun filled day of nothing today. Unstructured play is AWESOME!!
Oh one kind of funny thing about Dalton that I wanted to share. He listens to a CD of Bible verses every night. There's one verse on their that is "Pray without ceasing" We have learned that verse and every time it comes on he calls me in his room to hear it. Well I got tired of being awakened in the middle of the night when he hears that song if he's awake. So I changed the CD night before last. Last night he said I don't like this CD I want the other one back. So I told him if he called me to hear "Pray without ceasing" that he wasnt' going to get to listen to it anymore. So he said "Okay I won't do that anymore I promise" (famous last words). As soon as I was dozing off I heard him say "mama come here hurry" I said "what is it" He said "I hear pray without ceasing" (I could just see him laughing) I said "that's great" he didn't say anything else. He is a mess that little stinker. Hope your day is great! Enjoy some unstructured play time (Donna)=)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Soccer Today

We have Soccer practice today. We will practice from 6-6:45. I hope to take Dalton to the playground behind the practice field before practice so he won't be so distracted during practice.
This weekend was good. We had homecoming at church yesterday. Our lesson in Sunday School was about using our talent for the Lord and using it NOW. We aren't promised tomorrow. Some of us don't even know what our talent is! We didn't have church last night. Michael went to work at 4 and me and the boys played outside. They jumped, raced dump trucks, Dalton climbed the crab apple tree and Dylan got bit by tons of ants. He kept saying "ant bit me ant bit me" then he looked down at them and tried to wipe them off his feet saying"get off me ant" However, he never budged out of the ant bed. I was running over to him telling him to move away but he thought sweeping them off and yelling at the was good enough. He was fine as soon as they were off of him. He didn't even cry. But there are lots of bites. Bless his heart. Once it got dark around 7:15 we went in, got baths, and then ate dinner. They both got to bed about 9. Late night because we took a late nap.
Saturday night after the wonderful Bama game they went out and did a few fireworks. They loved it. Michael and Dylan went to the grocery store and me and Dalton stayed home for him to practice riding his bike. When it got dark he decided he wanted to wave at all the cars that ride by our house. So we sat in the yard and waved, no one waved back. He was really bothered by that so he decided that maybe they couldn't see us since it was dark so he started jumping up and waving every time a car passed. It was so funny. People waved though!
Oh one more thing, most of the time we eat rice cakes instead of chips. Dalton says they are the "chips that make mommy skinny". They did help get rid of some weight, that's for sure!

Friday, September 26, 2008

another Post for 9/26

Here is a sample of Dalt's work! He's almost 5. Little handwriting is just precious!


I was just reading the comments that we will do a Wilkerson reunion on MLK holiday. That's when we did it last year and it's a long weekend so that will be great! I'm excited. Here are some memories for Christy, Nikki and Nick. Remember when Christy and Nick always fought. And one weekend there was a fuss and Nick shut himself in his room and wouldn't let us in. Me, Christy and Nikki made a tape:) We sang and recorded some songs and then slid it and a note under his door. How funny to remember. I loved going into Aunt Di's attic too. It was so cool especially when you're young! I also still crave Ritz crackers and sliced cheese everytime I go swimming. We made a sheet cake of muffin mix once (Nikki and Christy) and we ate it straight off of the pan!! All the crazy things we did still make me laugh! Love yall:)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

OCT. 11th

Family Reunion for the Stephens' has been scheduled at Uncle Ben's on Oct. 11th. I hope everyone can be there. Remember when PawPaw was alive, we were all there. Such good memories, I want my children to have those too. We need to get together on the Wilkerson side as well. Are we going to do that at Christmas again?

Doughnuts with Dad

Today is Doughnuts with Dad at Dalt and Dyl's school. They are excited. Michael gets to enjoys doughnuts and I have rice cakes:) They are learning the letter D. Dalton has had two homework sheets this week. I'll have to upload them tomorrow. It's cute. He comes in does his work then we play. I rewarded him with water balloons. They are an inexpensive prize at WalMart. Dylan gets books. We now own every "Lightnin Keen" book they make I think. They both know the pledge and Dalt knows the books of the Bible to Proverbs and 20 Bible verses!! They are smarties! Thank you Jesus for blessing me with such sweet, smart boys.


I haven't had any time to update. Our long weekend was great! We had alot of fun time, but no marshmellow roasting or fireworks. We stayed very busy and entertained. Dyl had a temp in Sunday School Sunday morning so we spent the rest of the day at home. He got motrin and the temp was gone. We played outside the rest of the day. Racing dumptrucks and having grass fights. Monday night was SOCCER practice! Dalton was pumped. I picked him up from school early because I had to go to Opelika to take care of some school stuff and I took them with me. We were there from 2-5. I bought gas at WalMart for 3.87! It was packed, but we got the cheapest gas around! That's a shame. The boys were great in WalMart, we bought dinner from the deli there. Mandarin oranges and a sandwich, Dalton also had to have gatorade and chicken wings. Wings are his FAVORITE food ever! He ate the chicken and Dylan stole his bones, that was frightful, as I'm driving down the interstate I was trying to get bones away from Dylan!! I'm good at that though I do lots of things and drive at the same time, don't I family? Dalton came of the soccer field 2 times. Both were to ask to play on the playground right behind the field. We played for a minute or two after practice. He said "I guess I lost tonight" So funny that he doesn't know the difference in a practice and game. He practices every Monday night at 6. Mama and Daddy got to come watch him, since it's only 45 minutes it was easy. Also we had to go to the church for a visitation. One of the sweetest ladies passed away. Mrs. Voncile Harris was a greeter at our church. She was always there with a smile! She always gave Dalton hugs. He said "I miss Mrs. Harris she loved my hugs" it's sad, there will always be a missing piece now at church. We got home at 8, got baths, and then bedtime. No books. :( Tuesday Dalton played with Logan rolling up and down the hill at the ballgame he was pooped. Slept all night! Last night was church, both boys were well behaved. We had baths and dinner before church and books and bed after church. We started booktime at 8 and didn't get done til 9. We had new library books they wanted to read. It was nice and peaceful. Anyway, looking forward to a peaceful night at home tonight and FCA in the morning at 7. Pray for a large attendance!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Updates and Bragging

I wanted to let you all know that my children were somewhat better last night. Dalton's just bossy as ever:) Michael's back has improved thanks to all of you for praying! I think the medicines keep the muscle from spasming so that it can heal. Also I wanted you to know that I mentioned in my previous post that we went to the doctor at night, and if you live in our area you can do that if you are a patient of the Pediatic Clinic. They are open every day regular office hours and then every night 6-9 for walk ins. This enables us to avoid ER visits. Especially if it's something as simple as an ear infection. Our doctors are great, we have seen all of them in the practice. Our regular doctor is Dr. Smalley, he is in high demand so to get an appt. you must book early so we just settle for whoever!
We are ready to have a fire and roast marshmellows and do fireworks this weekend!! We live out of the city limits so we can do fireworks whenever:) We have some left from the 4th and Dyl has been asking to do "boom boom fireworks" so we will do our best to make him happy!! Michael has agreed to do them. The boys went to school today. Typically they stay home with Michael on Fridays since he's off, but since he missed work Tuesday and they are a little behind, he's working today. Dalton had to do homework on writing his C's last night. We didn't get done because we played outside til 7:30 then had to come in and eat, get baths, and then books. They did get in bed close to 8:30.
So now for the bragging part!!! I have 2 great sisters and am so glad that God blessed me with them and my wonderful neices and nephews. All of them are so smart!! Anna Beth is in first grade and completed 40 math problems in a minute the other night while I was on the phone with Donna. She is in the process of reading 3 chapter books, one Magic Treehouse book, Amelia Bedelia, and Junie B. Jones. She reads a chapter from each one every night because she likes to be on the same chapter in each. My neices Jill and Katie just turned 3 (not twins Jill is Lee Lees and Katie is Donna's) both can write their names and do all kinds of art projects. Katie and Anna Beth take soccer and gymnastics. Eli's teacher says that Eli (he's 9, 3rd grade) is reading on a 6th grade level and that he is above average in every subject. She also commented that he is very kind hearted and caring. (we already knew this, but validation is great!)He takes Tae Kwon Do and is competing in a tournament Saturday in South Carolina. Donna is watching Jill and Luke while Jamie and Leigh Ann take Eli! WOW, I'm a super proud aunt AND sister. Our parents didn't do too bad!! We all have so much to be thankful for. Y'all have a great weekend! I know that we will.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ear Infections Galore!!

Wow I had no idea that my children were hurting. I got to daycare yesterday and the boys were great, so excited to see me but once in the car that all changed. Dalton has been grumpy the past 2 days, he said his left ear hurt. But he was half asleep when he first said it and I thought he might have just had a dream that it was hurting so I gave him motrin and put a warm rag on it. Then the next night he got up about 5 times just to give me a hug or tell me a dream. Dylan also got up twice that night crying. Neither was running a temp. Tuesday Dalt said his ear didn't hurt anymore. When I got to daycare yesterday he pulled (this is disgusting if your weak stomached skip this part) a clump of slimy green stuff out of his right ear. This ear has a tube so all the infection just drains out. Then I decided that I would put ciprodex in his ear but if the left one was hurting the ciprodex won't matter because it can't get to the infection with no tube. Well, Dyl cried all the way home yesterday which is not normal for him at all. He was super fussy!! We got home and I fed them dinner because Dalt was STARVING!! (he ate half a chicken tender, yogurt, olives, and cut up cucumber and tomato...that's huge for him) I watched Dyl to see how he acted then I noticed he felt a tad warm. So into the car we all went. Once we got there no more whining. They were great, holding hands running up to strangers and making funny faces. They were wild!! By the time we left at 8:30 I needed a presciption!! Both boys have ear infections and Dyl has a contact rash on his face! Anyway we got 4 presciptions filled and got home about 9:45. Then baths one Bible story and bed. We read 1 chapter of 2 Jack and Annie books at the doctors office there was no time left for anymore at home. They both slept all night after one dose of meds and some motrin and they woke up so chipper this morning at 6:45. It was great to get some sleep!! I'm looking forward to a much better day today! But I just Praise the Lord that I have been given two wonderful children to care for. I wouldn't trade my hectic days at the doctor for anything, well maybe a crazy day at the house but you know what I mean:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lots of Stuff

I have a few quick minutes so I'll update fast. This weekend was GREAT just too short so we're living for Friday. My honey's back is hurt. He went to the doctor and they say it's just a pulled muscle. "JUST A PULLED MUSCLE" you never know how important your back muscles are until one is pulled. He is a muscle man at work and pretty much does lots of heavy lifting and bending in maintenance so this has really been hard to deal with. Anyway yesterday he finally went to the doctor and got some meds. Maybe he's on the road to recovery. I just wish I could help him, but there's nothing I can do. The boys are both doing great. They got all of the Magic Treehouse Series of books. I was going to save them for Christmas, but we're checking one out a week at the library and at that rate we would have read almost all of them by Christmas. Dylan loves Jack and Annie he has just looked through all of the books. Last night we read one chapter out of 3 of them. Lots of reading and cuddle time. Dyl fell and hit his head at daycare yesterday he has a big scrape on his forehead. I sand Red River Valley for Dalton the other night and he just sobbed "I don't want to ever leave you mama, I don't want anyone to ever take me away from you" Big huge tears streaming down his sweet face. He is a tenderheart!! We had a ballgame Friday, one of Dalt's daycare friends was there and he played the whole time. Saturday we went to Colin's party at Pump it Up. Too fun!! We all have slide burns on our legs but it was a blast. After that we got Dalton's stuff for Soccer he is Umbroed out. New ball, shin guards and cleats make him look so grown up. He is changing so much facially it's amazing. Dylan loves to help him play soccer. Still their favorite thing to do is race dumptrucks, one day one of them is going to go flying over the front. But until then we'll just have fun running out some energy. Church was great on Sunday!! Both boys were great. Our lesson was about an invitation to Heaven letting everyone know about it!! Disciples died spreading the word and I'm embarrased to be rejected!! That's another item of prayer.
Anyway in a nutshell that's been our week! I hope yall's is going great!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ever felt like that!

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Finally Friday!!

This week has gone by really fast. I had morning duty at school so I had to be there every day at 7am. It's not bad at all. I just don't get into my room until right at time to start so I feel rushed. I like to see the kids first thing in the morning. Yesterday was a good day. I had to grocery shop for FCA. Then I went to pick up the boys. They were covered in dirt. I love it when I can tell they have been busy playing. Dalton had lots of papers on the letter B. They had to wear Blue for B week. We learned "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God" for our B verse. I don't know what we'll learn for C, any suggestions? Dylan busted his lip on a tricycle at school. I was loading up Dalton's bike and Dyl was playing with the other bikes there. One tricycle was on the edge and he pulled on it, it flipped up and busted his lip. He bled and bled and still tried to get on that tricycle. He's a stubborn little booger:) We ate pizza for dinner last night at the picnic table. They love eating outside, but when we had to go in it was bad. We got baths, read books, and went to bed. Then Michael came home early (8:00 instead of 10) so the boys got up and played with Daddy then back to bed they went at 9. Michael showed them a snake that a guy caught at work. They loved it, but it was still alive!! They really loved that.
We have a birthday party tomorrow and a ballgame tonight! Not much else going on. Hope your weekend's great!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th

If you haven't said a prayer for the families of those lost on 9/11 please do so now. This poem is called "Meet me in the Stairwell". It gave me chills. He is always there, have you talked to Him today?
"Meet Me In The Stairwell"
I was on the 110th floor in a smoke filled room with a man who called his wife to say "Good-bye." I held his fingers steady as he dialed. I gave him the peace to say, "Honey, I am not going to make it, but it is OK...I am ready to go." I was with his wife when he called as she fed breakfast to their children. I held her up as she tried to understand his words and as she realized he wasn't coming home that night.I was in the stairwell of the 23rd floor when a woman cried out to me for help. "I have been knocking on the door of your heart for 50 years!" I said. "Of course I will show you the way home -- only believe on Me now."I was at the base of the building with the Priest ministering to the injured and devastated souls. I took him home to tend to his Flock in Heaven. He heard my voice and answered.I was on all four of those planes, in every seat, with every prayer. I was with the crew as they were overtaken. I was in the very hearts of the believers there. Comforting and assuring them that their Faith has saved them.I was in Texas, Kansas, London. I was standing next to you when you heard the terrible news. Did you sense Me? I want you to know that I saw every face. I knew every name-though they did NOT all know Me. Some met me for the first time on the 100th floor. Some sought me out in their last breath. Some couldn't hear me calling to them throughout the smoke and flames, "Come to Me...this way...take my hand." Some chose, for the final time, to ignore Me. But, I was there.I did not place you in the Tower that day--you may not know why, But I DO. However, if you were there in that explosive moment in time, would you have reached for Me? September 11, 2001, was not the end of the journey for you. But someday your journey will end. And I will be there for you as well. Seek Me now while I may be found. Then, at any moment, you know you are "ready to go." I will be in the stairwell of your final moments.
We will not ever forget!
Last night was church it went great. We got home late and went straight to read books and go to bed. The boys were good this morning, not much else to report:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Must See

My brother in law sent me this and you have to see it. It really puts things into perspective. If you think you are having a rough day or time, remember this little boy! Oh how much we have to be thankful for!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I did a lesson in my Health class last Friday about rumors. We are learning about adolescence and what a strange difficult time in life that is. I added that rumors and gossip about people is very hurtful and oftentimes unfounded. I told them to spread a rumor that I was pregnant. I only have 11 people in that class and our school is very small. Sunday at church my parents and my in laws were asking if I had something to tell them. Then my husband called and asked why people were asking him at work if I was pregnant. WOW when you tell kids to spead a rumor they really spread it. Turns out that one student who heard it went home and told their mom who told my sis in law.....Anyway I had to announce yesterday that I am not pregnant and that it was a class assignment that they all PASSED! It's a great lesson for us as adults to learn too. Always check with the source before you spread what you hear, find out if what you hear is really true. Alot of times a reputation can not be repaired:) The Bible has this to say about gossip "A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid a man [or woman] who talks too much" (Proverbs 20:19). Pretty good stuff!
I am attaching a photo of the kids. This pic was at Lukes first birthday party in Chelsea. Leigh Ann had it at her house. They had a pool and huge slide. The kids had a blast. We did too. It's neat to see how the kids have grown even since then, Luke was inside eating. It was too hot for him to be out there. There are a couple of Dalt and Dyl too. They are too sweet!
Yall have a great day!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Marvelous Monday

This weekend was great, just too short as usual. I cherish the time that I get to spend at home with my family. It just goes too quickly. Every day I see how much they are growing and it just makes me smile. Friday afternoon the boys wanted to paint, we started out on paper and ended up paining their bodies. We had to rinse off with the water hose then moved onto the slip and slide. It was a fun afternoon.

Friday night was the ball game, we won and watched a very vulgar guest band at halftime. I felt as if I needed to cover my eyes let alone my children. Anyway the boys loved the music I don't think the dancing scarred them too much. Dalton likes to see "the girls with the shiney bootys". Our majorettes wear sequined uniforms and he loves them. At least we know he likes girls! I just hoped they wouldn't spark an interest so early! They both enjoyed the game but we left at halftime. It was already 9:00 and that's a half hour past bedtime. We got up early Saturday and went to Santuck. A big yard sale basically about 45 minutes from home. Dalton said "is this a guard sale?". Michael said "yep, if you have a guard you have to sell it." We missed a turn and went about 10 miles out of the way and then had to back track, but it was funny. At least it was time together. Dalton is a yard sale junky. He wanted to stay all day. He kept fishing through all the stuff and telling us to wait he was looking. Dylan almost fell asleep, but we managed to keep him entertained with food. Roasted corn and snow cones were our lunch! Then we listened to Bama win! Roll Tide, Auburn won as well (that was just for Michael and Christy as you know I don't even like the word) Sunday was church we learned two more Bible verses and one more book of the Bible. When we got home we watched Peter Pan. Dalton has never watched it all the way through but he and Dyl were just captivated by it. At bedtime (my favorite time) we read!! We read a chapter of a dino. book, a chapter of a Magic Treehouse Series book, and the Bible. Me, Dalt, and Dyl climb up in my bed and read then they go to bed. We love cuddling up to read. They love to read, it's fun. Dalton always says he has his imagination. Dylan just yells "tegasaurus" in a gruffy voice. He calls every dinosuar a stegasaourus or tyranasaurus. They were really sweet last night. They took a long bath because they were playing so nicely. They were driving cars on the edge of the tub. They sat in the floor by each other watching Peter Pan. I hope that they are always close, best friends. That's why we had two, we want them to always have at least one TRUE friend. That's what you have in a sibling. Someone to share the craziness and the memories of childhood.
Our FCA got a one hundred dollar donation! God is good. He will continue to bless, yall continue to pray!!