Monday, September 29, 2008

Soccer Today

We have Soccer practice today. We will practice from 6-6:45. I hope to take Dalton to the playground behind the practice field before practice so he won't be so distracted during practice.
This weekend was good. We had homecoming at church yesterday. Our lesson in Sunday School was about using our talent for the Lord and using it NOW. We aren't promised tomorrow. Some of us don't even know what our talent is! We didn't have church last night. Michael went to work at 4 and me and the boys played outside. They jumped, raced dump trucks, Dalton climbed the crab apple tree and Dylan got bit by tons of ants. He kept saying "ant bit me ant bit me" then he looked down at them and tried to wipe them off his feet saying"get off me ant" However, he never budged out of the ant bed. I was running over to him telling him to move away but he thought sweeping them off and yelling at the was good enough. He was fine as soon as they were off of him. He didn't even cry. But there are lots of bites. Bless his heart. Once it got dark around 7:15 we went in, got baths, and then ate dinner. They both got to bed about 9. Late night because we took a late nap.
Saturday night after the wonderful Bama game they went out and did a few fireworks. They loved it. Michael and Dylan went to the grocery store and me and Dalton stayed home for him to practice riding his bike. When it got dark he decided he wanted to wave at all the cars that ride by our house. So we sat in the yard and waved, no one waved back. He was really bothered by that so he decided that maybe they couldn't see us since it was dark so he started jumping up and waving every time a car passed. It was so funny. People waved though!
Oh one more thing, most of the time we eat rice cakes instead of chips. Dalton says they are the "chips that make mommy skinny". They did help get rid of some weight, that's for sure!

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Jennifer Stephens said...

The rice cakes are funny! Luke kept asking why our Coke can was changing color when I went to Diet Coke and then Diet Caffiene Free Coke.