Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on Weekend!!

Sweet Dylan, mouth FULL of pecans! He ate more pecans than should be allowed. Loved them.
Aren't they cute!!

They played outside for the longest time. They were trying to kill a REAL bear, they even made a bear killer.


This weekend we had family in. My Aunt Carol and and her family came in to keep her grandchildren. Steven and Christy drove from North Carolina to watch the Auburn game. They lost, but it was a close game. I didn't get to see Steven and Christy, but Dalton and their daughter Aubrey played so great together!! Dalton even said they are getting married. I'll have to tell him he can't marry his cousin! Nikki and David had to endure my Sunday School class. They were sweet and said that they enjoyed it. It was a good lesson though. The lesson was about respecting our civil authorities. How appropriate being the week after the elections!

We took Dalton ice skating! He loves to ice skate, but it always kills Michael. Neither of them are very skilled at it. However, this time Dalton let go and skated alone. Big Big step. He did really good! Dylan and I walked around the mall and checked out all the Christmas stuff. He and Dalton rode the Train in the mall. They have it all decorated for Christmas and the kids loved it! It was really fun.

AnnaBeth lost a tooth on the top. She can also do a backhandspring. So talented. She's growing up too fast. Eli had his last soccer tournament this weekend. I think they won two and lost two. He is on a very good team! I'm proud of him. He's very athletic. I love my neices and nephews.

I asked the other day that you pray for Ella Norris. She is 16months and recently found out she had a brain tumor. They are going to do 10-18 weeks of chemo to reduce the size since it is inoperable. She now has a website at and her site name is ellanorris. I know our God can completely heal her and the tumor can be completely gone at the next doctor visit. Please pray for Ella and her family!

Parker Underwood,, went to be with Jesus one year ago today. He was only 2. Please pray for peace for his family. I can't imagine their pain. I think that's my all of my prayer list for the day. Yall have a great day! Hug your kids a little tighter.

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Meg Agee said...

Thanks for posting Ella's webpage, Ashley. I might not have found it otherwise.