Thursday, October 2, 2008

So glad it's Thursday!

Yesterday was pretty terrible. Well not the entire day. Dalton was quiet at nap so he got a prize at the dollar store. Then we had to go straight to church and that's when things got UGLY! He was tired I guess, we'll just use that as an excuse for his wild tantrum. The Stephens really came out in him. I took him home and put him in his room until I calmed down. I do find that time out really is more for me sometimes. He finally calmed down got a bath and went to bed. Dylan cried the entire time we were at church which is VERY out of the ordinary. He loves the nursery and going outside to the playground. Not last night though. Anyway they both got to bed about 8:45. Too late, but it was just a rough night. Michael didn't get home til 2. I slept with the lamp on so I didn't really sleep. I dont sleep good without him at home. Then after he got home I thought I would sleep better, but I think I woke up every hour. Dyl coughed on and off all night but Dalt slept all night. I took them to school this morning. We left the house at 6:45 and I didn't get to work til 7:25 because I had to stop and get them breakfast too. I should have gotten up before 6:10. I had to shower and get them ready in 30 minutes. I did it! My hair was wet when I left the house and because it's short it was dry when I got to school. At least I dried my bangs before I left. Anyway, a bad day with my children is better than any day without them. I have so much to be thankful for. I know that this afternoon is going to be better! I can't wait to see my boys! Pray for us as Michael is working 12 hours a day for a while on second shift. 2-2 is odd and we don't see him at all really. But it's only for a couple of days. We just miss him. He keeps us sane=)
Visit and be in prayer for Hannah please. Pray for Steven to be able to help them.

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