Monday, February 23, 2009

Family Info

My Mom's doing great! Thanks for all your prayers. Eli earned his Black Belt and Katie can read. Eli is 9 and Katie is 3. After Daddy told me that Katie can read, I sat Dalton down and asked him if he could read a Dick and Jane book that we checked out on Thursday. He said Okay, only if it's a few words. He did it! I'm not sure if he can read it from another book, but we're going to start trying. I told him Katie is 3 and she can read. So now maybe he's motivated:) I'm proud of them!


John 11:40 Jesus said to her,"Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?"
This is the verse I am claiming for sweet little Ella. Before I prayed Saturday at 2am I read and prayed for myself. I believe that in order to pray an effective prayer, our hearts must first be right. As I was reading this verse just jumped out at me!! The Holy Spirit is REAL!! I've never doubted that I just find it so hard to believe that some people don't believe! All of this month we have been studying about prayer. We must pray confidently, persistently, in Jesus Name, and for others. That was our Sunday School lesson this whole month. Is that a coincidence that it falls at the time of the prayer chain for Ella?? No, there are no coincidences, God knew last year, when He influenced this study that I would need it to pray more effectively for Ella. I believe that Ella is already healed. I believe on Wednesday that the doctors in Birmingham are going to see the glory of GOD!!
We left Friday going to Thomasville! I was super pumped to get to go. I wanted to get there about 5ish in order to eat before the sining, however, I didn't get home from work until 3:30 and we didnt' get to Thomasville until about 6:50. We had to stop a couple of times to use the potty and get snacks for the boys. Long Long drive, but it was fun. Dalton napped about an hour after Dylan napped about an hour. So the naps were staggered, but the boys did great. They watched a movie and read books then played video games. Once we got out of Montgomery we didn't have cell phone service. So we couldn't call to tell anyone that we were later than expected.
Now to the singing!! It was great! We saw my mom's family there, friends from Midway, and friends from high school. It was an awesome reunion. Just knowing that we were all united in prayer for one little girl was so neat. I never thought we'd all be together in a praise and worship service. At first we were just really excited to see each other, we laughed and caught up a little and enjoyed some great singing. They took an offering and during this time is when reality seemed to set in. I realized that even though it was good to see friends, it was just so sad to know that we were there praying for our friends baby. I hate that this has happened to her. Tamara spoke next . Let me just say WOW! She is so mature and such a great speaker. She did an awesome job telling their story. I prayed and prayed for her to do great and speak what God laid on her heart and she did great. We were all touched and it brought tears to all of our eyes. She is so positive and has looked at everything with such positiveness. So many things just touched my heart. I'm so glad that we got to go. I realize that I need to make some changes in my personal walk with God. I want to be spiritually mature but I don't want it to have to come through crisis. I'm commiting to more prayer and study time.Spending 30 minutes in prayer isn't hard and it very enjoyable to spend that intimate time with my Lord!
At 8:45 Michael came in to get me, he and the boys stayed in the nursery most of the time, and both boys said BOO really loud in the middle of Amy Carlisle's song. It was time to go. The ride home was quiet until we were almost home but overall it was GREAT! I'm coming back over Spring Break to visit I need more time to see everyone. (Jennifer and Russell get ready)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thomasville, Here We Come

We are making a quick trip to Thomasville tonight. We are going to sweet Ella's singing! I am so excited that we get to go. Michael thought he would have to work tonight and didn't want me going all that way with the boys by myself. Especially since our cell phone don't pick up anywhere down there. Gotta love NEXTEL! He told them he couldn't work because he was taking his wife to Thomasville. He knows how much I wanted to go and made it happen. He is the greatest man!! However, he does have to work tomorrow. So we can't spend the night we have to come back tonight. It will be a long drive, it's a good thing we have a bigger car and a DVD player installed. We will snack (I'm spreading a sheet over the seats) and watch movies, read books, play the Leapsters, draw....and anything else to entertain the kiddies. They will most likely sleep all the way home. I'm so excited to see everyone. But since we are making such a quick teip we won't get to see EVERYONE unless you come to the singing. I hate to miss seeing my family, but since both my mom's and dad's families live there, there's no way we'll make it to see all of them. However, we all went to church together which is where Tamara went and still goes, so hopefully I will get to see a lot of you. Also don't forget the prayer chain starts tonight!!! I'm excited about that. If you haven't reserved a time and you want to email me today. We're going to check out the list after the singing tonight and see if there are any spots left. If there are I'm signing up for some more. We don't want any times left open!! Pray for a lot of funds to be raised and for our safety on the drive. And always keep praying for Ella's miracle!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on Mama

She is doing great! Yes she is very bruised and swollen, but she is in good spirits. She went to the ENT in Birmingham at the Kirkland Clinic yesterday. They said her nose is broken but the septum is not deviated. This is good news but they will still have to straighten it out. So even when this swelling goes down she will have to have more swelling from a nasal repair. But she is taking everything with such stride. I'm really proud of her! I still hurt for her though. She's my mama she's not supposed to get hurt. Thank you all for praying for her. Please keep it up I know that's why she's doing so great. My sis Leigh Ann is better and Luke is still running a temp. (fever virus???) Katie is better and going back to school today. Dalton threw up at school yesterday. Michael picked him up at 1:30 but he was fine. He says that someone was chewing mac and cheese and it made him sick. He has such a weak stomach and strong gag reflex. It was nice to have him at home when I got there though!

We played inside last night. I got home at 3:30 and we played Lincoln Logs, Building boards, Ned's Head, Armor of God, and Dinosaur Extinct. We also played Cars and made homemade biscuits. The boys had fun...oh and we played cops and robbers. That was so much fun. Dalton loved it! It brought back memories of playing it at John's house when we were younger. I remember Mike tripping in a hole on the side of his house and he sprained his ankle or something. We were having a great time 'til then. There were many times that we were all together and injuries occured! I used to get scratches all over my face from riding the 4-wheeler with John. He would duck under the branches and I would get hit. Fun times!

Tonight is church. I'm mentioning Ella again, we've got to fill up this prayer chain. I know with God's help we can do it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How Great Thou Art

Read this verse it just says it all! And when I think, that God His son not sparing, sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in. That on that cross, my burden gladly bearing, He bled and died to take away my sin! Then sings my soul, My saviour God to thee How GREAT Thou Art How GREAT thou art!
Beautiful, isn't it! What an Awesome God we serve. And to think that He would have done it just for ME!! Amazing! How we can we NOT share??

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Poor Family!

Me, Michael, Dalton and Dylan have escaped all illnesses! YAY. I can't say as much for the rest of our family. We took Dyl to the doc Friday for his coughing and now he is on steroids and his asthma inhaler. He's done much better since then. That's all for us. However, Leigh Ann came down with a stomach bug Sunday while visiting friends in Georgia. She was sick all the way home and now has a headache probably from dehydration. Luke ran a high temp on Sunday morning but now is better. Katie, Donna's youngest now has bronchitis. Woke up at 3am Monday morning running a temp and coughing. Our nephew Hayden went to the doc in the box on Sunday and was diagnosed with Bronchitis as well. Then my sweet mama went to work this morning and fell while there. She broke her nose and has suffered from a possible concussion. They are going to an ENT tomorrow to see what can be done. It doesn't look crooked, but it sure is swollen. She has such a tiny petite nose and it's so swollen. She has two black eyes and a scrape from her forhead to her chin. Her knees are black and blue and her hands are scraped as well. Tomorrow will be a sore day for her and she has to ride to Birmingham. She said she's going back to work her doc said no. She can't drive for a week. Bless her sweet heart. My daddy was worried when he got the call from the nurses at AUM instead of from her. He coughs alot when he gets worried and that's what he was doing when he called to tell me that she fell. So sad. When one hurts so does the other. Please pray that tomorrow goes smoothly for them and that she is not in too much pain. Thanks yall! Also thanks for the Valentines for Dalt and Dyl. They loved getting the mail from everyone! Our banquet at church was so cute. Dalton told the puch line to all the jokes from the back row. He came to one practice and memorized it all. He is a smart things. Everone thought he was supposed to be yelling the answers as part of the skit. Nope, that's just our Dalton! School tomorrow. It's a short week no big plans. Hope it involves no sickness! Pray for our families to get well quickly!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I have a huge request to ask each of you. As most of you know I have been praying for a little girl named Ella Norris. I graduated from high school with her mother. On November 11th, 2008 ( I think that date is correct) Ella was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. At the time she was 16 months old and diagnosed with failure to thrive as well. She's a tiny thing, but as cute as a button. She has a website at her website name is ellanorris. Please check for her story, updates, and photos. Anyway, I am telling you all of this to say that Ella's family is having a benefit singing on Friday Feb. 20th and her MRI to check the tumor is scheduled for Feb. 25th.Tamara wants the days between the singing and MRI to be filled with prayers to our Lord for Ella's healing. We need to cover the MRI techs, the doctors, Ella,the family and this tumor in prayer. I know that God hears our prayers and He tells us to pray without ceasing! They are trying to book people to pray continuously in 30 minute increments. I would love to be able to grant this sweet family that wish. Please pray about committing 30 minutes in prayer for this precious child. If you are interested please send me your name and number and Tamara or Shana will call to set up a time with you. I believe in the miracle of prayer! What an awesome testimony to have when this tumor is gone by the MRI on the 25th. The doctors perceived this to be a hopeless situation, the faith that Tamara and her family have has proven that it is not! Satan may win some battles but he will not win this war! Please pass this around and lets get as many people as we can to pray for Ella between the 20th and 25th. Send me your contact info and someone will contact you.Thank you so much! Ashley

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Dalton and I went to the dentist yesterday. Our appt. was at 4 and we didn't get there til 4:05. Our visit was great though. Dalton's teeth are so white. He had gotten some really bad staining on the bottom teeth. His teacher told him that he needed to brush his teeth or go to the dentist. That comment really upset me. We brush both of our boy's teeth morning and night. They don't drink any sodas. They only have water at night. Both were off the bottle before a year. So, yesterday I talked with the dentist about it. Dalton has been on a lot of antibiotics due to chronic ear infections. The dentist said that the staining wasn't due to the antibiotic because the stains come off. Just that because he sleeps with his mouth open, and he takes antibiotics plaque on his teeth gets very gummy and it's extremely hard to get off with brushing. He said that his teeth look good and obviously if we didn't brush them then he would have cavities. I'm just glad that his teeth are like porcelain. They look so good. He does have a precious smile.

Daddy watched Dylan while we were at the dentist. He bought Dylan a juice at the store and Dylan said "and one for Dalt Dalt too" so he bought Dalt one as well. Dalton wanted a beef stick on the way home so I stopped to buy him one and he said "and get one for Dyl too". When I got to Daddy's we both relayed our stories and I am so thankful that our boys are so thoughtful and loving toward one another. I want that relationship to stay that way always. Family is ALWAYS there for you no matter what. That's how it is with me and my sisters and I pray that we teach that to them.

Tonight's church. Another busy day, but I will enjoy my boys. They aren't little for long. There is a little girl on caringbridge whose name is katiefinch. She is in her last days. She is 5 or 6 and her belly is so swollen from this tumor in her tummy. Her sister updated today and said that Katie loves dryer lint. It's home for her. All of the familiar smells of your home is in this lint. Katie cleaned the lint filter before she got cancer and the only time she sat up this week was to clean the filter. She holds it as she falls to sleep at night and wants it when she wakes in the morning. I tell that story to say this. Think of all the little things we do everyday. There are things I do that I don't even think twice about. I need to think of what they mean to my children. What is home to my boys? What small things do I do that they really pay attention to? What kind of an example am I to them? Even the tiny things are important. To Katie, lint is so important right now. It's a sense of normalcy for her. What would be the thing that your child clings to?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This an That

Dylan sings
“Scooby dooby doo, where are you? I have some water for you now”
Too funny.
He woke up at 4 am this morning and didn’t go back to sleep til 5:30. He and Dalton are sleeping in Dylan’s room now. They wanted both of their beds in Dyl’s room so both beds are smooshed together in his room. This morning I went in to check on them and they were both in Dylan’s bed laughing and talking. It really warmed my heart. And trust me even though I was up holding Dylan from 4-5:30 and lost valuable sleep I enjoyed getting to cuddle with him. It was all I could do to stay serious and not laugh when he would say “Open your eyes mommy, wake up” and ask for his truck and to watch cartoons. He was quite talkative.

Friday we took Dalton to the doctor for ANOTHER ear infection. His left tube came out and since then, it’s been one after another. We will be setting up an appt. with the ENT soon. I am about to be able to sympathize with you all over again, Jennifer and Russ. Then my parents watched the boys while we went to dinner at Logan’s. They had a line standing outside waiting, but when we walked in and told them party of 2 they seated us right away. I guess there just aren’t that many parties of two. We spent 50 on dinner then went to Marble Slab Creamery and ate our ice cream outside in the cool night air. (We didn’t want to eat in the new Yukon) We spent way too much, but it’s nice to go out just the two of us. We really do still like each other a lot. My in-laws gave us a gift card for Outback and with the gift card comes a night of babysitting…we couldn’t use that yet because she did just have surgery and she is busy as a bee planning our Valentine’s banquet.

Our Valentine’s banquet at church is this Saturday. It’s always a hoot. It will be like Hee Haw. I loved that show. My mother in law plans the entire thing. She puts together all the skits and arranges all the costumes and props. She is extremely talented at putting on shows. The members are bringing chili and fixins as well as brownies. I’m also going to make cornbread. Dalton and I will be doing lots of cooking Saturday. He’ll love it.

Michael cut our grass Saturday and we had a bonfire for the brush that the boys picked up. It was fun.
Sunday and last night we ate dinner at my parents. My mom made baked beans, baked potatoes, salad, and corn on the cob (Dylan’s fav) last night and my daddy grilled hotdogs and burgers. It was so yummy. My mama’s baked beans are the BEST in the world. Michael requested “A LOT” for his dinner tonight. It’s nice to go visit and not to have to cook. The boys are entertained much easier when there are 3 of us to do it.

We are out of school Monday for Presidents Day. I hope the weather is still nice. I love being outside with the boys. We played out all weekend. I love my job, but I especially love the breaks to spend time with my family. The boys have a Valentine’s party on Thursday and they get to bring their favorite book on Friday. Today was wear red day. They are learning the letter “R”.

Our Sunday school lesson this week is on praying God’s will. It’s hard when we realize God’s will may not be exactly what we have in mind. As you pray, please remember Ella and her family. Also if you go to the links on her website you can see updates on Hannah Grace Harrison. She is in urgent need of prayer! Just pray for a cure for pediatric cancer. No child should have to endure this pain and neither should their parents.

Nikki, I hope you and David are feeling better! My cousin Nick and his wife Sinda are having a baby boy. They are naming him Kemper Lee after her grandfather and Nick’s dad. Too sweet, congrats yall!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Long Time No Post

So I just have to tell you that I have the sweetest boys on the face of the earth. They are precious! They are the light of my life and it is such a privilege to be their mom. This weekend with them was fabulous. We went to the Scenic Overlook in Union and went for a nature hike, literally, a hike. Michael, me and both boys picked up some sandwiches and went to picnic. The boys were wearing their crocs. Not a good idea for a hike, but it was so fun. They pretended that we were on Survivorman and Dalton was our guide. It was really funny. He just admires everything. Dylan ran a temp until Sunday so I just took me and Dalton to church Sunday. He was good.

Michael took Dylan to the doctor on Monday. When he picked him up he didn’t get Dalton. I was getting Dalton after I got off work. When Michael put Dyl in the car, Dyl said “Daddy, where DaltDalt you forgot him.” Then when I picked up Dalton I told him that Dylan wasn’t there. When we got in the car he said “but mama Dylan did come here this morning, he ate his biscuit in the car beside me, where is he” He was all worried. I had to explain to him that Michael had taken him to the doctor. They were really sweet.

Then the other morning, they climbed in Dalton’s bed and cuddled up till they had to get up for school.
Yesterday, we went to buy trash bags in the dollar store and Dalton saw a Cars thermos. He said “let me buy this for Dylan. He will love it.” He didn’t ask for anything for himself just for Dylan. Then he picked up one little apartment guide book for himself. He loves those free little magazines, but he said “wait a minute” He went back and got 3 more. He said “I need four for my family. I love my family” Too sweet.