Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lots of Stuff

I have a few quick minutes so I'll update fast. This weekend was GREAT just too short so we're living for Friday. My honey's back is hurt. He went to the doctor and they say it's just a pulled muscle. "JUST A PULLED MUSCLE" you never know how important your back muscles are until one is pulled. He is a muscle man at work and pretty much does lots of heavy lifting and bending in maintenance so this has really been hard to deal with. Anyway yesterday he finally went to the doctor and got some meds. Maybe he's on the road to recovery. I just wish I could help him, but there's nothing I can do. The boys are both doing great. They got all of the Magic Treehouse Series of books. I was going to save them for Christmas, but we're checking one out a week at the library and at that rate we would have read almost all of them by Christmas. Dylan loves Jack and Annie he has just looked through all of the books. Last night we read one chapter out of 3 of them. Lots of reading and cuddle time. Dyl fell and hit his head at daycare yesterday he has a big scrape on his forehead. I sand Red River Valley for Dalton the other night and he just sobbed "I don't want to ever leave you mama, I don't want anyone to ever take me away from you" Big huge tears streaming down his sweet face. He is a tenderheart!! We had a ballgame Friday, one of Dalt's daycare friends was there and he played the whole time. Saturday we went to Colin's party at Pump it Up. Too fun!! We all have slide burns on our legs but it was a blast. After that we got Dalton's stuff for Soccer he is Umbroed out. New ball, shin guards and cleats make him look so grown up. He is changing so much facially it's amazing. Dylan loves to help him play soccer. Still their favorite thing to do is race dumptrucks, one day one of them is going to go flying over the front. But until then we'll just have fun running out some energy. Church was great on Sunday!! Both boys were great. Our lesson was about an invitation to Heaven letting everyone know about it!! Disciples died spreading the word and I'm embarrased to be rejected!! That's another item of prayer.
Anyway in a nutshell that's been our week! I hope yall's is going great!!

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Jennifer Stephens said...

I will keep Michael in my prayers. I hope he heals soon. What about a chiropractor for the pain? Russell and I live for those visits sometimes! You do not know how bad back pain can be until you have had it. I feel for him!

Sounds like yall had a great weekend! We have got to get together after football season and do something with our kids. Luke talks about Dalton all the time! Maybe w can come spend the night or something and plan some things since yall have more to do than we do here, ha!