Friday, December 5, 2008

Prayer Request

I would like to ask everyone reading this to please pray for a high school friend of mine. His name is Jeff Sellers and his wifes name is Tammy. They were expecting a baby in February, however they had to deliver her on Monday December 1st due to low amniotic fluid. Adella Grace is now in heaven. She was about 2 pounds and they say she looked just like her Daddy. They had a funeral for her and her family is just heartbroken. I can't imagine how heavy their hearts are right now. The grandparents are Larry and Audrey Sellers, please keep them in your prayers as well. It is just not natural for parents to have to lose their children. Thanks!!

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Jennifer Stephens said...

This is awful. Mrs. Helen told me about it this weekend. YOu think at 7 months, that you do not have to worry about anything happening to your baby. I am praying for them. I cannot imagine their pain.