Friday, December 19, 2008

Pics from Mrs. Irene

These are photos from Santa's visit to our church. Look how big Dalton is!! It's amazing to me. Dylan was saying cheeseburger, same thing he was saying in the Christmas card photo:)


Steven and Christy said...

They are so cute. Can we just keep them in a jar, that way we can see them, and they can't grow. We would have to poke holes in the lid so we can hear their cute voices and listen to their important conversations. Ahh...our babies.

Jennifer Stephens said...

We got our card today. It is so cute!!! Thanks!!! At what age do they outgrow melt downs b/c Luke is having them a lot here lately. I think he is having a delayed reaction to Cole being here since he has always been so fine with it.

It was good talking to you yesterday.

Have a Merry Chrismas!!!!