Friday, October 3, 2008

Better but not Best

Yesterday was better but not the best day, we had to go to the doctor!! =( Dylan has double ear infections. He's running a temp of 102 with his ears. I had to take him to the doctor yesterday evening. I went grocery shopping for FCA, with the boys (an adventure in itself), when we got home Dyl was running a temp and his eyes were puffy and red. Pitiful!! Anyway we got home got baths then headed out to the doc. Mama and Daddy took Dalton out to dinner with them. Then when they got home Dalton stopped in their room and curled up in their bed and told them he wanted to watch a movie. When I got there at 9 Mama and Dalt were curled up in the bed watching scooby doo. Dyl was asleep in the car. We got home and I took them straight in to bed. Sweet boys I just hope Dyl feels better today. He always arranges him teddy bear and puppy dog in his bed at night, not last night he just plopped. Maybe we will get to play outside today since our ballgame is away we will be home all night! First time all week! You all know I love to be at home. Pray for Dalt to have a good day at school. He will get a prize if he has been. He had to go to the owners office 2 days in a row. Once was all the boys in the class and yesterday was because he got in someone's face and didn't stop when the teacher said stop. Going to the office is BAD in our family. He thinks it's cool to hang out with Ms. Pat and get candy corn. Nope not flying here. I really want to read books tonight with him so let's all pray that he has a great day!We've only gotten to read one Bible story each night because he's gotten in trouble at school. Tonight will be better, I'm confident in that. Jesus says pray and believe and that's what I'm doing! Hope yall have a great weekend!
By the way, I asked Dalt what his favorite part about yesterday was and he said the most fun thing he did was going on a date with Grammy and Poppa. Thank y'all for being the bright spot in his day!

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Jennifer Stephens said...

Poor thing!! Cole had ear infections when he had his check up on 9/25. How many does this make now? Didn't they both just have one a month or so ago?