Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our First "Naughty Note"

When I picked up Dalton yesterday there was a folded peice of paper taped on his locker. I asked him what it was and he replied "I don't know." Another student yelled happily, "It's a naughty note and he needs a spankin." Apparently he's been grabbing kids on the face and rolling around on the classroom tables. We had to go straight home and get a spanking and then write an apology letter to his teacher. I told him he would have to write a sorry letter and he told me that he didn't know how to write. So I wrote it, but he told me what to write. It was very sincere also. Hopefully it will sink in. We'll see.

So the night was hectic again. This potty training is killing me. Dylan loves to sit on the potty, but then he wants to carry the prizes he leaves in the potty all around the house to show me. So then I have to clean it up off the floor, not to mention that he has to tee tee every 5 minutes. So we spend the whole night pulling up and down pants and changing underwear! Madness.

We made a chicken pot pie. My pie crusts were bad, so I had to make a crust from scratch!! I know scary right! Anyway it turned out pretty good, Dalton even liked it. We then played video games, got baths, then read books. We only had time for the Bible because the story was a bit long. Dalton knows the books of the Bible to Obadiah!! I am proud of him! Even though we did get a naughty note. We prayed for better behavior today. He also asked it Santa would forget about the note. I told him "Nope, Santa never forgets. But more importantly Jesus never forgets but He will forgive." Dalton said now he's working on a Nice Note. Let's hope that works out for him.

Yall have a good day! Tonight's church night it will be super busy!

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Jennifer Stephens said...

Oh goodness!! Well, we know kids will do these things from time to time. I think Luke will get many notes that say "talks too much!"