Friday, December 19, 2008

Pics from Mrs. Irene

These are photos from Santa's visit to our church. Look how big Dalton is!! It's amazing to me. Dylan was saying cheeseburger, same thing he was saying in the Christmas card photo:)

Thursday Night

Yesterday was a good day. All of the Bryant family is so tired!! Dalton has been a little whiney and grumpy but it's been a busy week. Dylan doesn't get whiney 'til night time. I picked them up yesterday and all the teachers just loved their baked goods. Dalton got tons of candy!! So on the way he ate and ate and ate. We stopped at WalMart to pick up pictures. Break Down number one-we didn't get a toy surprise because...well, just because. We then went by the Burger Barn to get dinner for us. Neptune was our next stop to take Daddy dinner. A quick stop by the library to return books and check out new ones. Every time we go into the library Dylan stinkies in his diaper on the stage. EVERY TIME!! I guess the stage is relaxing. Dalton had to go too. I told him to go to the potty and I would come in to check on him shortly. Nope that was break down number 2. He didn't want to do it that way he wanted me to come in with him. I told him then he'd just have to wait til we got home. When I buckled him in the car he kept crying and fussing that he wanted to go back to the library to potty. Long car ride home even though it only took about 3 minutes. We ran in the house, pottyed, ate the burgers then.....ran to the school to watch my nephew Hayden in the Holiday Ho-Down. K-3rd grade sing Christmas songs for about 30 minutes. It was really cute. Hayden did a great job!! He sang almost every word of all the songs. I can't do that. Break down 3 for Dalton was walking in the parking lot. This wasn't too bad, he just didn't want to walk with me he wanted to run ahead. No screaming or crying though.
We got home at 6:30 and the boys played trains and cars. They played great together. Bath time came and then books. We started reading at 7:30 and read for an hour. We read all of our library books (5), then 3 books from the book fair, then the two they got at school yesterday, plus Jack and Annie and the Bible. Wow!! Lots of reading. Dylan asked to go to bed this was at 8:35. So straight to bed he went without even a whimper. His eye seemed a little gunky. I put drops in it and to sleep he went. Dalton wanted to read Jonah as well last night and I told him that we'd do that tomorrow. That was Break down 4. He pitched a fit for another Bible story....then he pulled his covers off his bed. He had to fix them back and that was just awful!! Finally he laid down and about 5 minutes later he was asleep. I picked up a little then fell asleep in the recliner waiting on Michael. I hate to go to bed without him at home. He got home at 12:30 then showered and we went to bed. I was up at 5 this morning. I'm so ready for a break and a nice nap.

We're taking Dalton on a date tonight. I think Dyl will go with us, but it's to celebrate Dalton's 5th birthday. We've got to be home early, Michael has to go in at 4 in the morning. He loves Cock of the Walk and Red Lobster but he said "maybe we can go to Cozumel". That's a local restaurant and he loves the chips and dip. We'll see.

Not much else to report, I hope yall have a great weekend. I hope we get some much needed REST!! Take care!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bryant Update

Wow I haven’t typed anything since the 11th! A lot has happened! Our little family of four has been super busy!

On Friday the 12th Michael and I had to go to Montgomery to have a nerve block in his back. We got there at 7:45. My Daddy dropped the boys off at school for us. While we were in Montgomery, and Michael was still numb from the sedation, we did all of our Christmas shopping. We were done by 1:30, we ate lunch at Sonic. We had no children and we still ate at Dalton’s favorite restaurants. We could have eaten at a nice sit down place but no we’re just kids at heart. We got home and Michael ran to get the boys. By this time he was pretty sore. He came home and crashed. I packed up our things and then me, the boys, and my parents went to Gadsden. Anna Beth’s 7th birthday party was on Saturday. I can’t believe that she’s 7!! We had breakfast with Santa on Saturday morning at the Gadsden Mall. There was a free breakfast, free face painting, and free carousel rides. Santa rode the carousel right behind Dalton! That was exciting. Dalt and Dyl got snowmen on their cheeks and Daddy got a snowman on his head. It was fun! The party started at 1. It was at a gymnastics facility. Kids were running EVERYWHERE! We left Gadsden at about 3:30 and got home around 6.

Sunday morning was our church Christmas cantata. Dalton was a little rowdy in church, but the program went well. Sunday night Dalton learned the books of the Bible all the way to Zephaniah. Last night we were reviewing and he said that he can’t say Haggai. I said, “you just said it” and he just smiled like he was proud of himself. I am so proud of him. He’s a sweet and smart little boy. Sunday night we bought supplies to bake cookies. Tuesday we baked! I prepared dough from 4:30 – 6. Then we baked from about 6:30-9. That was a long night. Dalton was so tired. He was running all over trying to stay awake while we were baking. He got 2 spankings for being disobedient, but I understand, he was excited and tired. My mom and Michael’s mom helped. We baked chocolate peanut butter thumbprint cookies, chocolate gingerbread men, peanut butter ritz dipped in chocolate, smore marshmallows, cookie pops and peanut butter cookies. Lots and Lots of Baking!!
We took them to their school party and gave as gifts to his teachers.

Wednesday we had Santa at church. The boys were great. All of the Bryant family was there except Michael. I took two lasagnas to his work party at 5:30 then bought stuff for my work party this morning then we went to church at 6:45. We had pizza, cookies, and grape kool-aid (sugar free). We also had a puppet show.
Tonight is our elementary ho-down. They will be singing Christmas songs. It starts at 6.

Dalton will be 5 on Sunday! Oh my, I’m old. I remember not being able to think of him as a 5 year old. He’s really grown up so much. I’m so thankful for my boys and I love them immensely! I am so blessed to have such healthy little boys, even when they act up! I got the Christmas cards done yesterday maybe I will get them addressed today. Dylan has a knot on his head in them too! He hit his head on the car door then on the brick wall, kind of a ricochet accident! Bless his heart. He kept going though.

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season as much as we are. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season. We are truly blessed to have the freedom to celebrate the birth of Christ. Enjoy your families! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a day late)

Yesterday was my mother in laws birthday so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR NANA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! I really hope it was great. She is officially 29. Love you!

Last night was church. It was a busy day. We came straight home and Dalton requested sausage, waffles, and omelets for dinner. So I went to cooking. We only had an hour and a half til church so we were super rushed. Both boys stood in the kitchen and helped. I love that, I love doing everything together. I like that they like to do things with me. I realize how blessed I am that I get two fairly easy children so that I can do things like this with them. Our church was great last night. We have our church cantata on Sunday so it was our last big practice. Then we had mission friends. Dalton and Dylan stayed in the nursery since my mom was helping keep it last night. They played with pretend food.

We got home and had to get on PJ's read books and get straight to sleep. We had such a late night Tuesday that I'm sure school would be rough today without a good nights rest! Tonights our band concert at 7, maybe we can come for a bit. The boys might tolerate it for a while. We'll see.

Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Traditions

Last night was so fun!! We came home and made homemade Christmas ornaments then made homemade biscuits and cut them out with cookie cutters. They were yummy! We now have a 10 eyed glittery star with popsicle stick legs and arms! We also have a ball of pipe cleaners that is a "monster" for the tree. So cute. It was an awesome Christmas night and hopefully a tradition for years to come. Next Tuesday is homemade cookie making night!! We're making cookies for Dalt and Dyl's school party! I can't wait!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Prayer Request

I would like to ask everyone reading this to please pray for a high school friend of mine. His name is Jeff Sellers and his wifes name is Tammy. They were expecting a baby in February, however they had to deliver her on Monday December 1st due to low amniotic fluid. Adella Grace is now in heaven. She was about 2 pounds and they say she looked just like her Daddy. They had a funeral for her and her family is just heartbroken. I can't imagine how heavy their hearts are right now. The grandparents are Larry and Audrey Sellers, please keep them in your prayers as well. It is just not natural for parents to have to lose their children. Thanks!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our First "Naughty Note"

When I picked up Dalton yesterday there was a folded peice of paper taped on his locker. I asked him what it was and he replied "I don't know." Another student yelled happily, "It's a naughty note and he needs a spankin." Apparently he's been grabbing kids on the face and rolling around on the classroom tables. We had to go straight home and get a spanking and then write an apology letter to his teacher. I told him he would have to write a sorry letter and he told me that he didn't know how to write. So I wrote it, but he told me what to write. It was very sincere also. Hopefully it will sink in. We'll see.

So the night was hectic again. This potty training is killing me. Dylan loves to sit on the potty, but then he wants to carry the prizes he leaves in the potty all around the house to show me. So then I have to clean it up off the floor, not to mention that he has to tee tee every 5 minutes. So we spend the whole night pulling up and down pants and changing underwear! Madness.

We made a chicken pot pie. My pie crusts were bad, so I had to make a crust from scratch!! I know scary right! Anyway it turned out pretty good, Dalton even liked it. We then played video games, got baths, then read books. We only had time for the Bible because the story was a bit long. Dalton knows the books of the Bible to Obadiah!! I am proud of him! Even though we did get a naughty note. We prayed for better behavior today. He also asked it Santa would forget about the note. I told him "Nope, Santa never forgets. But more importantly Jesus never forgets but He will forgive." Dalton said now he's working on a Nice Note. Let's hope that works out for him.

Yall have a good day! Tonight's church night it will be super busy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Movies

Last night "The Grinch" was on television. I am so glad that Christmas movies are on every night now. We have movies that we own, but it's so much more fun when they come on TV. We watched that after baths and during dinner. We ended up just playing in the floor while it was on. Then it was time for books, we only read two. Jack and Annie and the Bible. Prayers were next, I didn't ask for prayer requests because it was already 9:30 and Dylan prays for EVERYONE he knows, even fire and garbage trucks. As soon as they were in their beds, they were sound asleep. Michael didn't get home til 12 last night and he went in at 12 yesterday afternoon. He was pooped.

Also I forgot to tell you about Dylan's injuries. He got a little people race track with his birthday money. He's been wearing underwear so when he falls he actually feels pain on his bottom now. He has fallen all over this race track about 10 times. He has 5 or 6 bruises on his legs and bottom. Last night he was closing the cabinet where the trash can goes, and the safety latch poked him in the ear. His ear started bleeding and he was just crying so pitifully. I also spilled some juice and when I mopped it up he walked into the wet area and fell. This time though he just laughed and then he walked into the spill so he could fall again. He was just a laughing.

Dalton does all kind of flips and jumps off of all kind of things and never cries. He always just pops up and says "I'm okay". However, when Dylan hits him it's completely different. He comes to find me and just whines that Dylan hurt him. It's really quite humorous but of course I put Dylan in time out and kiss Dalton's boo boos. Last night was full of these boo boos involving both children. It was really quite hectic. I never really felt like we were in a normal routine until books and bed that's always the same.

Funny kids and great memories:)



We had a great day yesterday. It was so cold, but we played inside and had a great time. Dylan used the potty several times. He wore his "unnerwear". Everytime he tee teed I had to clean the floor, he's new at it so he forgets that he has to aim in the potty. All of you parents of boys understand. If you have daughters, bless you!

My Uncle Gerald is retiring from a long fruitful career in education. His reception is on the 9th at 2 in Grove Hill, Alabama. I wish that we could go. However, I have to work. Congratulations Uncle Gerald, I know Aunt Joann is ready for you to join her in retirement.

I wanted to leave you with a couple of pics of the boys from Aubrey and Jamie's visit.
Here is another of Dylan eating. He loves getting his picture made, he always smiles and says cheese. Such a cutie!

This is Dalton upside down on the couch. He is a flipper, he likes being upside down better than right side up!
They keep me going, I'm usually always tired, but I burn lots of calories keeping up with them. Y'all have a good day, count all of your blessings and it will be awesome!

Monday, December 1, 2008

So Much Stuff

Okay where do I start?? The 22nd we had a joint birthday party for our sweet boys. Dyl's 2nd birthday actually was the 22nd. Dalt's 5th bday won't be until Dec. 21st however since that's Christmas and there is tons of traveling....we combined the parties. We will have an immediate family celebration on his BIG day, but we wanted everyone to just have to make one trip. Anna Beth's birthday is Dec. 16th and Donna and I are always double checking when to book parties and we end up traveling two consecutive weekends. Anyway the boys loved it. We had the party at Pump It Up in Montgomery. I love the place, you do nothing but bring the cake and the rest is done for you. They clean, supervise the kids, write a list of all the presents and who brought them (excellent for thank you notes). I only had a little disposable camera because my digital is so messed up right now. So my brother in law Jamie took a lot of pics for me. Leigh Ann emailed me some. So that's what I've posted below. Anna Beth and Katie were there but Anna Beth started running a temp and began to feel terrible so Charlton just took them back home. They drove over 2 hours to play an hour then drive back two hours. I was so sad, but Anna Beth is much better now. She had strep and was already scheduled for a tonsilectomy on Tuesday the 25th so that's what they did. Maybe there will be no more strep for good now!! We missed Donna though. She had already scheduled a luncheon and my parents had a wedding to attend. But we just shared all the details later.

I wanted to post this pic of Leigh Ann with Jill and Luke. Can't you tell that Jill is Leigh Ann's daughter. She is the spitting image!! And from what I understand she acts just like Leigh Ann did too! I've always heard what goes around comes around. In the case of children it has proven to be true!

I love this little pic. The boys had jumped their little hearts out. They shared the king chair, but Dalton wasn't interested in the food. He was ready for gifts. While Dylan ate, Dalton opened gifts. Then once Dylan was done, he was ready for presents.

We are truly so blessed to have such healthy children. I am so thankful for all that I have. Especially my sweet boys. Dalton has really grown up alot this past year! I wish that everyone could just see that. However, there are just some people who don't see my boys often enough to understand how loving and compassionate they are. Anytime Dylan gets a time out or gets a boo boo Dalton is the first to comfort him. It's the same for Dalton. Dylan will just go over and give him kisses. Even if he's the one who has slapped Dalton in the face he will be the first to comfort him. He says "I sorry dalt dalt" and gives him kisses.
I know that Dylan is the baby, but several people only acknowledge him. He is a cutie, but so is Dalton. Often times at church or in a store people will talk only to Dylan and Dalton just stares at them and smiles and they never even acknoledge his presence. It just breaks my heart. I wonder what he thinks. He will sometimes tell me to say something about him. So now I just do it without being told. I just say "and this is his big brother Dalton, he is the BEST big brother" Strangers I can understand, but when family does it, it's even worse.
Enough of that! Thanksgiving was good. It was nice and relaxing. I watched the Thanksgiving Day parade, then we went to my in laws for dinner at 2. It was yummy. The boys napped before lunch so they wouldn't get in any trouble. Hayden, Gabe, and Dalton were wrestling in the yard and playing football.
Friday we decorated our Christmas tree. Everything is done now we can just enjoy.
Last night we had hanging of the greens at church. The boys played the bells and did pretty good with it. We then had finger foods after church. This is my favorite time of the year at church. Church really is where you should be all year, but esp at Christmas. Christ is after all the reason for the season! And me and the family are in church all year long! It's the very least we can do to show God how much we love Him!