Monday, December 1, 2008

So Much Stuff

Okay where do I start?? The 22nd we had a joint birthday party for our sweet boys. Dyl's 2nd birthday actually was the 22nd. Dalt's 5th bday won't be until Dec. 21st however since that's Christmas and there is tons of traveling....we combined the parties. We will have an immediate family celebration on his BIG day, but we wanted everyone to just have to make one trip. Anna Beth's birthday is Dec. 16th and Donna and I are always double checking when to book parties and we end up traveling two consecutive weekends. Anyway the boys loved it. We had the party at Pump It Up in Montgomery. I love the place, you do nothing but bring the cake and the rest is done for you. They clean, supervise the kids, write a list of all the presents and who brought them (excellent for thank you notes). I only had a little disposable camera because my digital is so messed up right now. So my brother in law Jamie took a lot of pics for me. Leigh Ann emailed me some. So that's what I've posted below. Anna Beth and Katie were there but Anna Beth started running a temp and began to feel terrible so Charlton just took them back home. They drove over 2 hours to play an hour then drive back two hours. I was so sad, but Anna Beth is much better now. She had strep and was already scheduled for a tonsilectomy on Tuesday the 25th so that's what they did. Maybe there will be no more strep for good now!! We missed Donna though. She had already scheduled a luncheon and my parents had a wedding to attend. But we just shared all the details later.

I wanted to post this pic of Leigh Ann with Jill and Luke. Can't you tell that Jill is Leigh Ann's daughter. She is the spitting image!! And from what I understand she acts just like Leigh Ann did too! I've always heard what goes around comes around. In the case of children it has proven to be true!

I love this little pic. The boys had jumped their little hearts out. They shared the king chair, but Dalton wasn't interested in the food. He was ready for gifts. While Dylan ate, Dalton opened gifts. Then once Dylan was done, he was ready for presents.

We are truly so blessed to have such healthy children. I am so thankful for all that I have. Especially my sweet boys. Dalton has really grown up alot this past year! I wish that everyone could just see that. However, there are just some people who don't see my boys often enough to understand how loving and compassionate they are. Anytime Dylan gets a time out or gets a boo boo Dalton is the first to comfort him. It's the same for Dalton. Dylan will just go over and give him kisses. Even if he's the one who has slapped Dalton in the face he will be the first to comfort him. He says "I sorry dalt dalt" and gives him kisses.
I know that Dylan is the baby, but several people only acknowledge him. He is a cutie, but so is Dalton. Often times at church or in a store people will talk only to Dylan and Dalton just stares at them and smiles and they never even acknoledge his presence. It just breaks my heart. I wonder what he thinks. He will sometimes tell me to say something about him. So now I just do it without being told. I just say "and this is his big brother Dalton, he is the BEST big brother" Strangers I can understand, but when family does it, it's even worse.
Enough of that! Thanksgiving was good. It was nice and relaxing. I watched the Thanksgiving Day parade, then we went to my in laws for dinner at 2. It was yummy. The boys napped before lunch so they wouldn't get in any trouble. Hayden, Gabe, and Dalton were wrestling in the yard and playing football.
Friday we decorated our Christmas tree. Everything is done now we can just enjoy.
Last night we had hanging of the greens at church. The boys played the bells and did pretty good with it. We then had finger foods after church. This is my favorite time of the year at church. Church really is where you should be all year, but esp at Christmas. Christ is after all the reason for the season! And me and the family are in church all year long! It's the very least we can do to show God how much we love Him!

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Steven and Christy said...

Ah, I miss you all so much! I am glad to see that you had a great Thanksgiving. Your babies are growing so fast. They are beautiful.