Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One More of Dyl eating:)

Mrs. Irene, from church, sent this to my mother-in-law, Susie, and she sent it to me. This is from Sunday night at our Thanksgiving dinner. Dylan ate four peices of corn on the cob. It's his favorite. The second my mama sat down with it, he started reaching for it. You can tell he doesn't miss many meals:) He is a cutie. I've got more to update, but I'll have to do it when I've got a free minute! So....stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Of course by now you all know that I am a HUGE Bama fan, however in order to not be at the end of the serving line and not to get seconds for the entire family at the next Stephens reunion, I am posting a HUGE ROLLTIDE today. I posted a picture of my boys in their striped shirts on my facebook page and my cousin Russell told me that they looked orange and blue!! Yucky. I told him they were red and blue so I'm in the clear now as long as I let everyone know that I am an Alabama fan! I have always been and I always will be no matter how hard my husband and my cousin Christy try to persuade me to switch! God's country is Tuscaloosa, Auburn is just an imitator!! Hope yall have an awesome day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on Weekend!!

Sweet Dylan, mouth FULL of pecans! He ate more pecans than should be allowed. Loved them.
Aren't they cute!!

They played outside for the longest time. They were trying to kill a REAL bear, they even made a bear killer.


This weekend we had family in. My Aunt Carol and and her family came in to keep her grandchildren. Steven and Christy drove from North Carolina to watch the Auburn game. They lost, but it was a close game. I didn't get to see Steven and Christy, but Dalton and their daughter Aubrey played so great together!! Dalton even said they are getting married. I'll have to tell him he can't marry his cousin! Nikki and David had to endure my Sunday School class. They were sweet and said that they enjoyed it. It was a good lesson though. The lesson was about respecting our civil authorities. How appropriate being the week after the elections!

We took Dalton ice skating! He loves to ice skate, but it always kills Michael. Neither of them are very skilled at it. However, this time Dalton let go and skated alone. Big Big step. He did really good! Dylan and I walked around the mall and checked out all the Christmas stuff. He and Dalton rode the Train in the mall. They have it all decorated for Christmas and the kids loved it! It was really fun.

AnnaBeth lost a tooth on the top. She can also do a backhandspring. So talented. She's growing up too fast. Eli had his last soccer tournament this weekend. I think they won two and lost two. He is on a very good team! I'm proud of him. He's very athletic. I love my neices and nephews.

I asked the other day that you pray for Ella Norris. She is 16months and recently found out she had a brain tumor. They are going to do 10-18 weeks of chemo to reduce the size since it is inoperable. She now has a website at http://www.caringbridge.org/ and her site name is ellanorris. I know our God can completely heal her and the tumor can be completely gone at the next doctor visit. Please pray for Ella and her family!

Parker Underwood, http://www.parkeru.org/, went to be with Jesus one year ago today. He was only 2. Please pray for peace for his family. I can't imagine their pain. I think that's my all of my prayer list for the day. Yall have a great day! Hug your kids a little tighter.

Friday, November 14, 2008


"Ni me biss ma ma" so of course I did then he said "ni daw daw biss too" and so I did. These were the last words Dylan said to me yesterday before I left the house. It means Give me a kiss mama and give Dalt Dalt one too. So sweet. I will miss the baby talk when they're grown. Dalton told me that he heard on the news that there was a tornado going to washinta this morning. I corrected him and asked if it was washington. Sometimes though I choose not to correct their sweet words. They will be grown too soon!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

A high school friend of mine found out that her baby has an inoperable brain tumor. We know that our God is awesome and all powerful. Please lift up Ella Norris is your prayers she just turned one in August. My friend is Tamara and as a mother I know her mind is racing and her heart is broken. Please pray! Please pass this prayer request on to as many people as you know. They are in Birmingham today waiting to hear from another doctor. I'll update if she updates me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tonja Hetrick, http://acrackedvessel.blogspot.com/, has tagged me to share ten things with all of you that I'm not afraid to admit so here goes.
The rules are:
1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog
3) Write 10 random things about yourself (see below).
4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5) Let each person know they have been tagged and leavea comment on their blog.
6) Let the tagger know when your entry has been posted

1. I love Jesus! I am so thankful that He has given me the gift of eternal life.
2. My favorite foods are chocolate, baked potatoes, and tomato soup. I could live off of these things.
3. All four seasons are my favorite! I love the change of the weather that comes with each season.
4.My favorite holidays are Christmas and Thanksgiving. I love the cool crisp weather and the snuggling up with my family!!
5. I wish I could be a stay home mom!! I would love to be able to be a full time homemaker. I miss my boys so much when I'm at work.
6. I am married to the most wonderful, loving, caring man in the world. He is an awesome provider for our family.
7. My first car was a 1978 Cutlas Supreme Oldsmobile. It was white with a green top that my daddy bought from my uncle. It was large and would carry me and all my friends. It was a year older than me. The reverse went out and I parked on a hill, my friend and a worker at the daycare I was at helped push it up the hill with huge clouds of black smoke pouring out the back of it.
8. I graduated from the University of Alabama with my bachelors and Auburn University with my masters. But I bleed crimson and white! Roll Tide Roll!!
9. I once failed 2 courses at Alabama. One was Math (go figure) and one was a Biology lab. Did you know you do actually have to attend those things??
10. If I had a million dollars I would take care of my family and make a huge donation to research for Pediatric Cancer!
http://therosskilpatricks.blogspot.com/ I couldn't follow all the rules, I only know 5 bloggers. Sorry. I did my best.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Whether or not you voted for him. He is our President. He needs our prayers! He is after all just a man and his heart can be changed. Pray for the sanctity of LIFE and Marraige!! With that being said, Let us pray…
A Prayer for our Leaders
HEAVENLY FATHER, with a humble heart and a thankful spirit we approach You in prayer.
We thank You for our country, our Constitution, and our military and political leaders.
We pray for the President, King, or Queen and for every elected and appointed official who serves.
We pray that You will build a spiritual wall of protection around the marriage and family
of every national, state, and local minister.
We pray that You will give them the wisdom and the courage to uphold a Constitution
which establishes a republic based on Your absolute laws,
not a democracy based on the changing whims of man's reasoning.
We pray that our leaders will study, understand, and follow the principles of Your Word, the Bible.
May they realize that all authority comes from You, not the voters,
and that one day they will stand before You
to give an account of the power You have given to them.
Please strengthen our leaders through Your Word
to cast down every law, policy, and personal example
which weakens marriages, families, or Your moral standards.
We say this prayer trusting in the promise of Your Word,
that if we will humble ourselves, pray, seek Your face, and turn from our wicked ways,
then You will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land.
We pray that You will rebuke Satan, the father of lies,
for the deception of his lie that mankind can be "as gods"
in deciding for ourselves what is right and what is wrong.
We pray for the leaders in Your church.
Bless the shepherds as they look out for themselves and the flock.
Bless the deacons, teachers, and evangelists' to serve with patience and love.
Bless each member to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We also take this time to pray for each soul who surfs this web site.
Bless them with humble hearts to accept the truth of Your Word.
Please bless them to obey your teachings
and give them the courage to teach the truth to others.
Father, may You continue to be glorified in the church by Jesus Christ
throughout all ages, world without end.
In the name of the One who holds the seven stars in His right hand…
by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray.
Let us ALL say: AMEN!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Wow the year has flown by!! Of course Friday was busy being Halloween. Our boys were Christian rock stars and they had mohawks. I have to post the pics when I get them developed. They were cute. We just went to my parents and my inlaws. The boys had a good time, they got WAY too much candy at their school festival. Saturday was pretty relaxed. We spent the first few hours of the day cleaning. Dalton dusted, he loves to dust. I changed out some pictures and cleaned rooms we did laundry and dishes. Pretty boring but necessary stuff I guess. I finally quit to go outside with the boys. We played soccer and rode the fourwheeler then of course we dug in the dirt. We took a nap then grilled out for dinner. Dylan was puney all day. We thought he had chidken pox, but the spots we saw were gone Sunday morning. However, he did throw up a few times and ran a low grade temp. He, Dalton, and Michael stayed home from church. I taught my class then came home.

I took the boys shopping with me last night to the grocery store. That's always fun. Dalton likes to treasure hunt. He found 3 coupons for me to use. That's great! He's such a big helper. We unloaded groceries then went back to town to tell Michael goodnight. He works til midnight on Sunday! The boys were so sweet when we got home. I let them watch a short cartoon before books then they both went to bed with no complaints. The time change threw them off and us too! Dalton somehow ended up in our bed this morning. I woke up with him playing with my arm then he went and woke up Dylan. Maybe we will get our schedule regulated today. We'll see.

Oh there are two little boys at Dalton's school who like to wrestle with Dalton. One choked him till his eyes watered (his exact words) then the next day a little boys tackled him and held him down on the ground until the teacher pulled him off. At which point the other little boy hit and kicked the teacher. Pray for him, he now says he hates school!! I pray that changes. He says he hates it because it's boring! I hope that's it and not because people are mean to him. We tell him not to hit but to go stand next to a teacher and the behavior will stop. If he ever hits back he will be the one to get caught and then kicked out of school. That would be our luck anyway! So please pray with me that the behavior gets better.

I'll leave you guys with some pics from the pumpkin patch this year and some of my neices and nephews. AnnaBeth can DIVIDE!! She's in first grade and has already completed some division problems. How awesome!! She's a smart cookie! I hope that rubs off on my boys, I still can't divide. Hee hee!! Aunt Ash is so proud of you Anna Beth! Keep up the great work!

Do you think Dylan was tired of pictures? He was playing peek a boo. They all had just picked their pumpkins after a long day of playing. Eli wasn't smiling for ANYTHING!!
A HAYRIDE, yipee!! Dylan had to sit in my lap so he missed the photo op! Below are Leigh Ann and Jamie's 3. Eli, Jill and Luke. I'll post some of AnnaBeth and Katie when Donna emails them. Yall have an awesome day!