Saturday, December 26, 2009

Birthday Party

Because their birthdays are so close together and they are so close to Christmas, we celebrate them with a shared party. And this year, same as last, we celebrated with friends and family at Pump It Up!! We, young and old, had tons of fun. My friend Diane takes the prize on fastest in the obstacle course, she and Leigh Ann are pretty speedy. Uncle Mark is the fastest of everyone though, not sure how he gets through there so fast!!! He was in and out in about 2 seconds. This year though I beat my sweet husband. That's a first EVER, he always wins, however this year his broken toe aided me in my win! Thank you all for coming and helping make their day so great! Here are some pics of the family.
Eli aweing the younger ones with his silly faces.
Aunt Donna

Uncle Charlton
Nana telling me no.

Papaw arriving with the candles I forgot.

Anna Beth
Dyl and Luke with Hayden holding up the rabbit ears
Poppa and Dyl

Grammy and Leigh Ann


Christmas parade and play

On our way to the Christmas parade.
Dressing up as Santa, he was the Santa for his class play called Santa's problem. He couldn't figure out what to put on top of the tree.

Here is Santa and his classmates as they get ready for their play.

Ho ho ho!!! I dressed him in the gym then had to head across the playground to get to his classroom, the first graders on the playground knocked him down to see what was in his bag. Dalton just laughed, he couldn't believe that they really thought he was Santa.

Silly Faces.


Dyl's pre party face....
and Dalton's pre party face. They are two happy boys. Dalton is now 6 and Dyl is 3!! Wow our babies are growing up. And they are such precious children. I'm so glad that God has blessed my life with them.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dalton's table setting for Thanksgiving, he gathered the leaves and twigs himself.
Dalton's masterpiece on Dylan's face before church one Sunday. At least it says RHS and they are the 2A State Champs!! GOOOOO REBELS!!!


I just typed this huge post with tons of pics and somehow I lost it!! ARGH! I hate that, this blogger thing is incredibly slow!!!