Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last Game

Tonight is the LAST soccer game. We are going to be so cold, but that's okay we'll just have more time to cuddle up. Last night we missed church. Dalton has been all out of sorts this week since we had the week off last week. He is craving lots of time at home. I asked him last night if he wanted to go to church or stay home and he said stay home so that's what we did. We never give the option, but I know if he didn't want to go last night then it would be a battle at church. We stayed home and he spent an hour climbing the fig and crab apple trees in the back yard. He and Dyl ate about 6 crab apples a piece and pears. We then went in ate pizza, baked cookies, took baths, and cuddled up on the pallet in the living room to watch a movie and read books. Dalton was so pooped he wanted to turn the movie off and read to go to sleep. He and I fell asleep in the floor at 9. I woke up and moved him to his bed at 10:20 Michael got home at 10:30 and Dalton was sideways on his bed. Feet on the floor on one side and head hanging off the other. I don't know how he was still asleep. I wish I had a camera that worked and I would have snapped some pics to post. Dylan had to go to bed at 8:15 because he started puching Dalton. I gave Dyl his asthma medicine and then he gets all violent. But he thinks it so funny. I guess it's just payback for Dalton. I told him he had to got to his bed for timeout and he said "Nooooo" but when I put him in bed he grabbed his paci and laid down. He was so tired too. Tonight after the game at 6 we have a bonfire at 7:30 at Reeltown for homecoming. I'm excited and the boys are too. They love fire, hmmmm, should I be worried? Long and busy day but lots of fun.

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