Thursday, September 25, 2008


I haven't had any time to update. Our long weekend was great! We had alot of fun time, but no marshmellow roasting or fireworks. We stayed very busy and entertained. Dyl had a temp in Sunday School Sunday morning so we spent the rest of the day at home. He got motrin and the temp was gone. We played outside the rest of the day. Racing dumptrucks and having grass fights. Monday night was SOCCER practice! Dalton was pumped. I picked him up from school early because I had to go to Opelika to take care of some school stuff and I took them with me. We were there from 2-5. I bought gas at WalMart for 3.87! It was packed, but we got the cheapest gas around! That's a shame. The boys were great in WalMart, we bought dinner from the deli there. Mandarin oranges and a sandwich, Dalton also had to have gatorade and chicken wings. Wings are his FAVORITE food ever! He ate the chicken and Dylan stole his bones, that was frightful, as I'm driving down the interstate I was trying to get bones away from Dylan!! I'm good at that though I do lots of things and drive at the same time, don't I family? Dalton came of the soccer field 2 times. Both were to ask to play on the playground right behind the field. We played for a minute or two after practice. He said "I guess I lost tonight" So funny that he doesn't know the difference in a practice and game. He practices every Monday night at 6. Mama and Daddy got to come watch him, since it's only 45 minutes it was easy. Also we had to go to the church for a visitation. One of the sweetest ladies passed away. Mrs. Voncile Harris was a greeter at our church. She was always there with a smile! She always gave Dalton hugs. He said "I miss Mrs. Harris she loved my hugs" it's sad, there will always be a missing piece now at church. We got home at 8, got baths, and then bedtime. No books. :( Tuesday Dalton played with Logan rolling up and down the hill at the ballgame he was pooped. Slept all night! Last night was church, both boys were well behaved. We had baths and dinner before church and books and bed after church. We started booktime at 8 and didn't get done til 9. We had new library books they wanted to read. It was nice and peaceful. Anyway, looking forward to a peaceful night at home tonight and FCA in the morning at 7. Pray for a large attendance!

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