Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Goodbye Soccer

Well it's over! Kind of Bittersweet. My baby's first team sport and it's over. He did great. He really attacked the ball and ran after it. He kicked it to the goal several times, but it didn't go in. It was so fun for him. Last night was super cold. Dylan stayed with my Mama because neither of them should be out in the windy cold weather. The funniest thing happened during the game. There was a stray dog out on the field. He grabbed someones soccer ball and ran it all the way to the goal and just had a seat. He scored!! Everyone got a kick out of that. The half time was only 3 minutes. I wish it was always only 3 minutes. Dalton does so good with constant action it's the sitting and waiting for the action that gets him. He had to sit and watch the game when they switch players. That's usually when he gets into trouble, but he didn't do too bad last night. Actually during the first half he was great! The second half he was a little more hyper. One of the little boys that he was on the sideline with goes to his school and they were crawling around chasing each other. Dalton now says he's ready for baseball. He and Michael have been outside working on his batting alot. He does pretty good but there is an awful lot of standing around in baseball, we'll see. David and Susie and my Dad were there to watch him. I sure do appreciate them for freezing to watch him. That is love:)
After the game we ate vegetable soup at Mama and Daddy's. The boys love to go there and play. Dylan ate most of his soup and I don't think he spilled one drop, he fed himself and got every bite to his mouth perfectly. The boy knows how to eat. Dalton ate a bite of a banana and that was it. We went home got baths, read books, and they went straight to sleep. They were pooped. Both were in the bed by 8:30 which is hard to do on soccer nights. It's all because we ate with my parents. I can't manage to feed them and get them bathed on time.
Tonight is nothing night, I love it! I hope we get to play outside for a while this afternoon. I am trying to order a new enclosure for our trampoline, we haven't been able to jump for a while because it has two big holes that the boys can fall out of. We'll just have to run around alot maybe we can play kickball. And we are for sure baking cookies and having hot chocolate with marshmellows!! Yummy, bring on the calories:)

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Jennifer Stephens said...

Isn't it funny how we jumped on trampolines and broke our arms with not thought about it but we have to have the enclosure for our kids, ha!