Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday and Tee Ball

A busy Monday afternoon. We had to buy the helmet then run home change clothes and get to practice.

Sharing a Kit Kat before practice. Dylan looks as if he's not sharing, but he actually gave it to Dalton.

A little distracted in the outfield. Dalt and Devin played soccer together this year. I'm glad they're on the same tee ball team. At least they will know each other when they start BIG school next year.They look like they're strategizing but.......
nope, not really.Dalton was very distracted by these flowers. He loved the taste of them. He even brought one to me to taste. I had to tell him that we don't eat flowers.

Check Ella's website. It's on the left side of my screen and it's the bottom link. She is doing great. Praise the Lord, miracles never cease! Keep praying for her miracle.
Jennifer, I hope yalls trip to the beach was awesome. Send an update soon!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Fun

Leaving the playhouse to get supplies to fight the bad guys!

Shooting the bad guys that were invading the play house.
Escaping from the bad guys!

Just a swinging!

Grillin'! Yummy, hotdogs, hamburgers, and sausage dogs!
Whacking the moles, remember this game? Dalton had 2 moles and me and Dylan had a mole (really I 2 moles, Dylan lost interest)
Dalt was really studying those moles! He has really gotten a lot better at this game.

Clean at last. This was actually after an afternoon bath, they both had to bathe after their Friday afternoon romp in the front yard swamp! Our weekend was busy although we did nothing. We were busy fighting bad guys, playing monster trucks and fighting dinosaurs. We had to work out hard, all of our body, on the trampoline. We had tons of fun watching movies on Saturday night (3 in a row) we were up til 11. All of us, that's super late for the Bryants! Then Sunday was a day of church. Sunday school, morning worship, lunch with the grandparents,NAP, training union, 5th Sunday Night singing, and finger food fellowship.
We have tee ball practice today, we have to get a helmet before practice. We'll be rushed but it's only one day.
Thursday Dalt is getting tubes AGAIN, and his adenoids removed. Please pray for him not to be worried. Yall have a great day! Remember no matter what happens, it's the day that the Lord made and we should REJOICE and be glad in it!

Hard Workin Southern Man!

This is my honey after a LONG days work. We pulled up to visit him one evening and he looked like this. He works in the foundry at Neptune and apparently was doing a mighty dusty job. He does work hard for our money. I love that he is such an awesome provider! He has the BEST work ethic! I love this man!

Rainy Friday!

Friday when I got home our yard was a mess! Rain Rain everywhere! The boys were exploring the soaked yard and asked if they could walk in the water. Sure, why not! Below are the snapshots. We called Poppa to come see. He said "Oh, Ashley your mom would have a fit" Dalton asked "Mama, when you were a little girl, did you used to do this?" "Oh, no Dalton, Grammy would have had a fit! We didn't get dirty!" They may get sick, but at least they made some good memories, and so far....neither are sick. Yay!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sweet Sleep

This is my sweet nephew Hayden. I took him home one week after school. This particular day, I had a meeting afterwards. We often have little things after school to take care of. He was so pooped. I bought him a snack from the vending machine, he gobbled it up, then settled down for a little nap. Don't you wish we could sleep that good, even while standing. He's a cutie!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Someone must have prayed! Dalton was great at church last night. We bought Bolt as a reward for 2 great school days. He will have graduation pics later this month. Can't believe it! The poop smell has been drowned! Praise the Lord. It was the talk of the church last night too. Anyone interested in donuts or a rifle raffle let me know!

Post for 3/25/09

So Tuesday was a great day. We had to go grocery shopping. The boys had a great day at school, and were great in the store. I bought them a lunchable for dinner per their request. We went home, unloaded groceries, and headed to the park. We still can't play outside at the house because of the stink. It's raining right now so it should be better since they finally spread the chicken poop. You know you live in the country when you come to work and the entire faculty is discussing how awful the smell is around their house. That's what we all did this morning. It's actually kind of humorous.

Anyway...back to the park. Dalton and Dylan were eating their dinner and I saw a little boy who goes to school here. I talked to him a little bit and he asked if Dalt could play with him. They played for about an hour then he had to go home. We stayed about another hour. Dalton wanted to swing on the tire swing. He spun so much that once we got into the car he threw up. I had to clean out everything and wash it. Dylan roared at everyone that walked by. He's really going to have trouble meeting girls when he grows up if that's how he's going to greet them. (I'll keep encouraging that:) )

Once we got home I got the boys in the bathtub. It was already 7:20 and they are supposed to be in bed at 8. I let them play a little then get out, brush teeth, and read books. When we started reading, Dalton said he was hungry. I guess so he didn't have anything left on his tummy. So I read at the table as they ate ham and bananas. That's what they requested...I know it's strange. Finally bed time at 8:45 and they fell right to sleep. First day back on schedule is so tiring. I'm so tired today that we will get right in bed after church tonight. We will have to bathe before. Pray that church goes well tonight. Wednesdays are usually hard for Dalton he gets a little hyper.

Here are some funnies that I remember about the boys:
Dylan used to pick imaginary things off of us and say it was bubble gum. Everytime he picked it he would say "Bing" then he would put it in his mouth or ours. He would get mad if we picked things off of him and pretended to put it in our mouths. He would say "no vats mines"
He used to call motorcycles "boom boom bybicles"
he would yell "big guck" everytime an 18 wheeler passed the house. He used to do tricks with his paci he could make it shake really fast.
Dalton said that my mama's hair looked like clouds. He used to say "no no dyant, no no nanny" (no bryant and no grammy) He always walked with his toes folded under his feet. (it looked sooo painful) He used to call spiders lillers and water lala. He used to hide in his room to poopy or behind the chair in the living room (in his diaper of course) Both of them call me sweet sweet mama! Only Dylan says "feet feet mama" They are my sweet sweet boys.
I'm so proud that they have gotten so big, but I miss them being my babies. I guess though they always will be my babies just not so little. Time flies way to fast!

I'm selling raffle tickets for a rifle. (try saying that 3 times fast!!!) If anyone's interested they are 2 dollars a piece and the money raised will go to the RYBL.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We have a pile of poop in the hay field behind our house. It is soooo stinky! It's been there all week. Thankfully, we have been out of town most of the week. Yesterday it was so bad that we had to go up to Daddy's house to go out and play. They are fertilizing the field with chicken poop, but they still haven't spread it and it is just sitting there stinking. It's not in one big pile, it's in about 4 smaller piles and it's awful! Please pray that it's spread today so that the rain on Thursday will make the stench better.

Dalton is having tubes and getting his adenoids removed on April 2nd. Opening ceremony for t-ball is April 4th. I hope he can participate however, we'll have check with his doctor first. He asked me if they were going to have to cut his head off to remove his adenoids. Such a little thinker. I told him no but I hope they don't get your brain instead of your adenoids. He got real quite and said yeah me too. Of course I had to tell him I was just joking.

Last night we read books in my bed and I let them lay down with me til Michael got home. He moved them to their bed. That was our last night of spring break celebration. I pray that their day is good today. I miss them already!

The picture in the previous post of Dylan with a paci was the last night of him with a paci. He lost it Friday night and hasn't had it since. I hope he does good at school without it. We shall see.

God is good. Our Sunday School lesson reminded me Sunday that I need to take a stand for God even if I have to suffer or if it's not the popular thing. Nehemiah did it and we have the same God I'm so thankful that we have the Bible so that I can try to follow their examples. Hope your day is great.

By the way, Leigh Ann, I'm going to run today so I can try a 5K.

Friday, March 20, 2009

How to Use a Cell Phone 101

Spring Break '09

This is Tuesday after mama had her nose splints removed. She looked great and said she felt great! We had a fun time visiting Leigh Ann. We cooked out and I helped Jill bake brownies. On Tuesday we spent the day at Spain Park playing with the kiddos. They had tons of fun. We went home Tuesday evening and spent Wednesday at home. Then Thursday it was off to Gadsden. We ate breakfast Thursday morning with Nana and Hayden at McDonalds. The boys enjoyed getting to play and I enjoyed the visit with the maw in law.
Thursday evening Katie played soccer. Her team is named the Ladybugs. I called her Katiebug the Ladybug. She was so cute. Her coach was really explaining everything to her and you can tell how much she was listening. Her team did great. No one ran around on the field or did flips...Katie is three. Dalton did run around and do flips when he played and he was four. Oh well. Maybe t-ball will be better:) Of course Katies team practices at least once a week.
It was so cold at this game..Dylan fell in a mud puddle so Donna kept him warm at least for a few minutes anyway.

There's Katie cheering. Look at the other girls watching her.

A nice way to end the evening. Anna Beth read a book to Dylan. It was the Gruffalo and he loved it. He told her to "read it anin"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break '09!!

Yay!! I'm so glad that we get to enjoy a little time off! I love spending every day with my rambuncious boys!

A little time at Aunt Lee Lee's.
Fun at home!!

More fun on a rainy day!

The cape and the mattress in the floor (Leigh Ann's idea) they loved it!

Tent time!
Okay so Thursday I posted that we had been outside for a few days....well, now we've been in for a few and we have exhausted all of our indoor creativity! We've played every game that we own. We've played super heros with capes, dinosaurs, we've made tents, played battleship, hungry hippos, whack a mole...Rain Rain go away!!
I hope the rest of the break is rain free. I could use some time outdoors, my house sure could use a break:)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday...beautiful day

Future Farmer, look at that smile
Putting the potatoes in the ground with Poppa's help. Daddy couldn't have done it without Dylan, ha ha, you know the progress was much slower, but Dyl loved helping.

Planting the potatoes. Dylan had to just about crawl in the bag to find them.

Uh-oh, future trouble! Don't worry I had the keys!

Dyl and the dinos in the sandbox wrestling with an action figure.

Dalt flying high
Dylan and the dinos in the garden!
Man of my dreams!! Best Dad, Best Provider, Best Friend!!
Silly Dilly!!

A friend emailed me some of the pics she took of Dalton at practice yesterday. He enjoyed himself. Even though he didn't want to leave the house. Opening ceremonies are April 4th. If any of you are interested in buying a raffle ticket for a rifle, please let me know. We are selling those as a fundraiser for the Reeltown Youth Baseball League.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A new pic

A pic of the cousins from October 2008. Eli and Dalton look pretty tired of the photo op.

School work

An example of Dalton's art work. He drew himself when he was done with writing his letters. I wish I knew how to turn it around so that it's right side up. If you know please message me.