Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday Night

Yesterday was a good day. All of the Bryant family is so tired!! Dalton has been a little whiney and grumpy but it's been a busy week. Dylan doesn't get whiney 'til night time. I picked them up yesterday and all the teachers just loved their baked goods. Dalton got tons of candy!! So on the way he ate and ate and ate. We stopped at WalMart to pick up pictures. Break Down number one-we didn't get a toy surprise because...well, just because. We then went by the Burger Barn to get dinner for us. Neptune was our next stop to take Daddy dinner. A quick stop by the library to return books and check out new ones. Every time we go into the library Dylan stinkies in his diaper on the stage. EVERY TIME!! I guess the stage is relaxing. Dalton had to go too. I told him to go to the potty and I would come in to check on him shortly. Nope that was break down number 2. He didn't want to do it that way he wanted me to come in with him. I told him then he'd just have to wait til we got home. When I buckled him in the car he kept crying and fussing that he wanted to go back to the library to potty. Long car ride home even though it only took about 3 minutes. We ran in the house, pottyed, ate the burgers then.....ran to the school to watch my nephew Hayden in the Holiday Ho-Down. K-3rd grade sing Christmas songs for about 30 minutes. It was really cute. Hayden did a great job!! He sang almost every word of all the songs. I can't do that. Break down 3 for Dalton was walking in the parking lot. This wasn't too bad, he just didn't want to walk with me he wanted to run ahead. No screaming or crying though.
We got home at 6:30 and the boys played trains and cars. They played great together. Bath time came and then books. We started reading at 7:30 and read for an hour. We read all of our library books (5), then 3 books from the book fair, then the two they got at school yesterday, plus Jack and Annie and the Bible. Wow!! Lots of reading. Dylan asked to go to bed this was at 8:35. So straight to bed he went without even a whimper. His eye seemed a little gunky. I put drops in it and to sleep he went. Dalton wanted to read Jonah as well last night and I told him that we'd do that tomorrow. That was Break down 4. He pitched a fit for another Bible story....then he pulled his covers off his bed. He had to fix them back and that was just awful!! Finally he laid down and about 5 minutes later he was asleep. I picked up a little then fell asleep in the recliner waiting on Michael. I hate to go to bed without him at home. He got home at 12:30 then showered and we went to bed. I was up at 5 this morning. I'm so ready for a break and a nice nap.

We're taking Dalton on a date tonight. I think Dyl will go with us, but it's to celebrate Dalton's 5th birthday. We've got to be home early, Michael has to go in at 4 in the morning. He loves Cock of the Walk and Red Lobster but he said "maybe we can go to Cozumel". That's a local restaurant and he loves the chips and dip. We'll see.

Not much else to report, I hope yall have a great weekend. I hope we get some much needed REST!! Take care!

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