Monday, October 27, 2008

A Few Things

Last soccer game tonight!! It was canceled on Thursday because of a few sprinkles and tonight it will be cold and Windy!!
We had a great weekend. I'm so glad Aunt Helen, Uncle Ben, and Donna and her family got to come for Pastor Appreciation Day. We had tons of food after church I ate way to much!! I went to find Halloween Costumes for the boys and there was nothing that we approved of at WalMart or Target. I did find a ghost costume and said that we could write Holy Ghost on the back for Dalton. (he he he) he wanted to be spiderman, but we couldn't find one he liked. He said he will just be a Christian Rock and Roller. We'll spike the hair and he can carry his electric guitar. GET THIS, Dylan said he wanted to be a footba daya (football player) and then he took it a step further and said Auburn footba daya!!Oh my gracious!! We all know I'm a HUGE Bama fan and Michael is an Auburn fan, but neither of us have pushed Auburn on him. He's 2 and already he knows how to push my buttons.
My cousin Russell is doing good as well. He doesn't have a tumor and I think the dizziness has subsided!
Oh while Donna was at Mama's she had Anna Beth doing her Subtration flash cards. Anna Beth does great on them and she is so proud. I'm so proud of her that she likes math and is so smart. She's growing up so fast!
Dylan ate 3 peices of corn on the cob at church. He ate one and then had one in each hand. He wasn't ready to stop eating! He's a little piggy. Hope yall have a good day!

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