Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Movies

Last night "The Grinch" was on television. I am so glad that Christmas movies are on every night now. We have movies that we own, but it's so much more fun when they come on TV. We watched that after baths and during dinner. We ended up just playing in the floor while it was on. Then it was time for books, we only read two. Jack and Annie and the Bible. Prayers were next, I didn't ask for prayer requests because it was already 9:30 and Dylan prays for EVERYONE he knows, even fire and garbage trucks. As soon as they were in their beds, they were sound asleep. Michael didn't get home til 12 last night and he went in at 12 yesterday afternoon. He was pooped.

Also I forgot to tell you about Dylan's injuries. He got a little people race track with his birthday money. He's been wearing underwear so when he falls he actually feels pain on his bottom now. He has fallen all over this race track about 10 times. He has 5 or 6 bruises on his legs and bottom. Last night he was closing the cabinet where the trash can goes, and the safety latch poked him in the ear. His ear started bleeding and he was just crying so pitifully. I also spilled some juice and when I mopped it up he walked into the wet area and fell. This time though he just laughed and then he walked into the spill so he could fall again. He was just a laughing.

Dalton does all kind of flips and jumps off of all kind of things and never cries. He always just pops up and says "I'm okay". However, when Dylan hits him it's completely different. He comes to find me and just whines that Dylan hurt him. It's really quite humorous but of course I put Dylan in time out and kiss Dalton's boo boos. Last night was full of these boo boos involving both children. It was really quite hectic. I never really felt like we were in a normal routine until books and bed that's always the same.

Funny kids and great memories:)

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