Monday, October 20, 2008

More Pics

These are the brothers! From left to right it's Don, Benny Ray, Larry, Bruce, Stephens (Larry's grandson) Charles, and Gerald. There was a lot of football watching going on that day. I think they watched three games. I only have two boys and I know they are a handful. Can you imagine these 6 there were 7? Uncle Randy passed years ago and a daughter Betty Carol who passed as a child. I'm proud of my family! I love you and am glad that I got to spend the day with all of you. I've already said it, but I can't wait 'til next year!

Wild Dalton, all day long!

There of course was no shortage of food, there never is at a Stephens' gathering!

Wow, how our family has grown. These are most of Herbert and Pauline's grandchildren. We missed Rachel and fam, Mike, David and Fam, Donna and fam, Leigh Ann and fam, Teri and fam, and Brian, Bryant and fam, and Brent and fam and of course the absent spouses. Next year I hope that everyone gets to come then we will all HAVE to be outside! Most of the great grands are in here that were in attendance, Frances got in the room after the picture taken and it was way to hectic to line back up! I am amazed at how much Stephens (yellow stripe shirt) has grown! He was the first great grand and he's almost seventeen.

By the way I need to thank Jennifer for the pics. She posted them on her blog and I stole them! My expensive digital camera is broken at the present. This pic shows just how much fun Dalt and Luke have together. They got tired of jumping in the inflatable so the hid under it! They are a mess.

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