Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Next to Last Soccer Game

Or as Dylan says "gocca mame". He loves soccer and he wants to play so badly, but he's just not quiet big enough yet. Dalton however digressed last night. He has been improving a little each night. However, last night was an exception. He attacked the ball nicely. He almost scored a goal or two, but he was in EVERYONE'S personal space. He likes to make funny faces and squeeze other people. I told him if he kept his hands to himself he would get a prize, needless to say we didn't get a prize! Maybe one day he will learn the value of personal space. Yesterday was his first day back at school and he didn't get a nap. He was so pooped he fell asleep in the car on the way home from the game. He did get a trophy for participating this year. Dalton loved the trophy it is really cool and heavy too! His coach is really good with the children. He deserves the award. His children go to school with Dalton so we may just leave a little gift in their locker for him. When we got home I had to wake Dalton up we got baths they ate quickly and I let them watch a little of the Good Night Show on a pallet in the living room. We turned off the lights though so it was more relaxing. Dylan requested to go on to bed and I read to Dalton and we both fell asleep in the living room floor by 9. Busy night. Tonight will be more relaxed and the last soccer game is Thursday. Dalton is sad about that. He is asking when will he get to play again already. We will have to see what sport is next, and if I'm ready to engage in something else right now.
Dylan has to take asthma medicine right now. On my break we went to Pump it Up in Montgomery and he had a coughing spell then wouldn't do anything. He just wanted to be held. He's had a few of these before and I just thought it was due to a cold. But his activity has been decreasing. Dalton asks him to chase him and Dyl just sits and says No. The medicine seems to be working. We haven't really had any coughing since Sunday. And he chased Dalton under and around the tables at church on Sunday! Maybe it's just a seasonal thing and he'll grow out of it!
Our Sunday School lesson talked about how we all sin and how our lives are a tug of war between doing what we know is right according to the Bible and doing what we want as humans. Even Paul struggled with this. He had a problem with coveting. However once we know that it's wrong we tend to want to do it even more! Why is that...don't touch that stove it's hot, what do we want to do?? Touch the stove!! The law lets us know that things are wrong, it brings about our death. Not necessarily physical but most assuredly spiritual. The Bible says that the wages of sin are DEATH. If we steal (borrowing something and forgetting to return it that's stealing!!) the wage for that sin is DEATH! Sin separates us from God therefore producing a spiritual death. We do have to obey the 10 commandments (there are only 10 and we fail to obey those few) but if we just Love the Lord Our God with all our heart soul and mind and our neighbor as ourself, we wouldn't have a problem obeying the 10 commandments. Notice that they're not suggestions or good ideas they are COMMANDMENTS!! Given to Moses by GOD Himself! WOW! Every Sunday I teach and every week when I study I feel like such a sorry good for nothing sinner. I step all over my own toes every week. In God's eyes my righteousness is as filthy rags! I am no good without God. I pray each day that I will realize that and that I will fall at His feet daily and thank him for His Mercy and Grace! Think of this, we should have no other God's before Him and We should not have idols. What do we put before God if we spend more time doing other things than we do studying our Bible and in prayer then that thing becomes our "idol". That one is really hard to come to grips with. If we put things before Him we can't really truely enjoy that thing that God has blessed us with....Things to ponder><>
I hope your day is great! Mine should be:)

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David and Nikki said...

I'm excited about getting to see everyone too. I miss my family all being in the same town.