Friday, September 19, 2008

Updates and Bragging

I wanted to let you all know that my children were somewhat better last night. Dalton's just bossy as ever:) Michael's back has improved thanks to all of you for praying! I think the medicines keep the muscle from spasming so that it can heal. Also I wanted you to know that I mentioned in my previous post that we went to the doctor at night, and if you live in our area you can do that if you are a patient of the Pediatic Clinic. They are open every day regular office hours and then every night 6-9 for walk ins. This enables us to avoid ER visits. Especially if it's something as simple as an ear infection. Our doctors are great, we have seen all of them in the practice. Our regular doctor is Dr. Smalley, he is in high demand so to get an appt. you must book early so we just settle for whoever!
We are ready to have a fire and roast marshmellows and do fireworks this weekend!! We live out of the city limits so we can do fireworks whenever:) We have some left from the 4th and Dyl has been asking to do "boom boom fireworks" so we will do our best to make him happy!! Michael has agreed to do them. The boys went to school today. Typically they stay home with Michael on Fridays since he's off, but since he missed work Tuesday and they are a little behind, he's working today. Dalton had to do homework on writing his C's last night. We didn't get done because we played outside til 7:30 then had to come in and eat, get baths, and then books. They did get in bed close to 8:30.
So now for the bragging part!!! I have 2 great sisters and am so glad that God blessed me with them and my wonderful neices and nephews. All of them are so smart!! Anna Beth is in first grade and completed 40 math problems in a minute the other night while I was on the phone with Donna. She is in the process of reading 3 chapter books, one Magic Treehouse book, Amelia Bedelia, and Junie B. Jones. She reads a chapter from each one every night because she likes to be on the same chapter in each. My neices Jill and Katie just turned 3 (not twins Jill is Lee Lees and Katie is Donna's) both can write their names and do all kinds of art projects. Katie and Anna Beth take soccer and gymnastics. Eli's teacher says that Eli (he's 9, 3rd grade) is reading on a 6th grade level and that he is above average in every subject. She also commented that he is very kind hearted and caring. (we already knew this, but validation is great!)He takes Tae Kwon Do and is competing in a tournament Saturday in South Carolina. Donna is watching Jill and Luke while Jamie and Leigh Ann take Eli! WOW, I'm a super proud aunt AND sister. Our parents didn't do too bad!! We all have so much to be thankful for. Y'all have a great weekend! I know that we will.

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