Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birhday!

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my Daddy today. He is turning 61 and deserves an amazing day!! I really hope it's GREAT! Love you Daddy!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bed Time

This is what happens at bed time at our house.

This is what Dalton was saying; "Has anybody got a razor cause I got some HAIRY pits!!"

Dylan was just laughing.

Funny funny boys. I can still hear them laughing and screaming. Fun times but it did take two books and a chapter of the Bible to calm them down afterwards. Great memories though and I thank God for my many many blessings.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderful week

These are just a few pics. I'll have to post some from the fireworks later. Fun times, our God is so good. Thank you God for giving us freedom and allowing us to celebrate times like these.

Busy Busy Busy Bryants. We ran around like crazy today. This morning was Library day, then McDonalds for a highly nutritious meal :) then grocery shopping. Once we finally got home we began preparing dinner for church tonight. Elam had a going away dinner for Mama and Daddy. So many precious friends attended all of whom we will miss greatly. We have decided that for now we are pursuing a new church home. Please pray for us, pray that we will follow God's will.

We also celebrated our country's birthday with church then family time. My mother in law invited us over to swim and eat, my parents joined us, then they packed and went to Plantersville. We then had the in laws over for fireworks. It was a wonderful day, sad because it was my Daddy's last day at Elam but great because I got to spend it with so many loved ones. We are blessed.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hannah Grace Harrison

Here lately I've been feeling sorry for myself and my family. Tonight things were brought into perspective for me. My parents are moving yes, but I can drive to visit and they will still come visit us. Different for us, but most families do that all the time. My children are healthy and so is the rest of our family. But one family cannot say these things. The Harrison family is suffering. Their daughter 4 year old Hannah Grace is suffering from pineoblastoma (sp?) which is a brain tumor. The tumor was in remission and now it is growing again and there are several other spots showing up. The family was sent home today on hospice. Please pray for this sweet family and their precious little girl. God loves them more than anything and He can work miracles! Please pray. Thank you, let's all count our blessings right now.

Dear Lord, thank you for my many blessings, thank you for this much needed attitude adjustment. I bring this sweet family to your throne tonight and ask for your healing touch on little Hannah Grace. We know that you are still in the miracle business we know that you have overcome the world and all the heartache that it brings. Please provide a miracle for this family. Thank you Lord! In Christ's name, Amen

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Parents parents are moving! Many of you may already know this, but I wanted to share it for those that do not. My dad has accepted a call to Plantersville Baptist Church in Plantersville Alabama. I am excited for them and so so so sad for us. I realize how I have taken for granted their presence in my life. They have always been there. I moved here and started my life here because they were here. I'vve never chosen a church on my on it's been because of my parents. I've not sat under the teachings of any other preacher in almost 20 years! My daddy is a wonderful man of God who is going to complete a mission elsewhere. My mom has always taught along beside him. My mom is like a safe. Whatever you tell her is not going to be repeated and she will council you on how your feeling and how God wants you to react no matter who you are.

Just the other day I called my parents to learn how to make gravy. We have this same conversation EVERY time I try to make gravy and it never turns out. But Mama offered to come up here and show me how. An offer that won't be made in a week. My daddy comes up here and works in the garden and sees the boys EVERY day! Not anymore. As I type this there are tears in my eyes. I will miss my parents TREMENDOUSLY!! I am so thankful for their presence in my life and so are my boys. They have cried as well, but the absence of their grandparents will grow obvious is the everyday things around here. My heart is heavy and I try to deal by putting it out of my mind. Please pray for us. Pray for my parents as they excitedly start this new endeavor and pray for my boys that they will get used to our new normal.

I love you mama and daddy and you are already missed!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Like Father Like Son

These are a few shots from this weekend. I just thought the combo of them was quite striking. There is no doubt that these precious children belong to this wonderful man! Everyone always says they look just like my husband and here they absolutely do!

Dalton 6 years
Michael, older than 6 years

Dylan 3 years
Thank you God for my family. I am blessed to be a part of their lives.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well we've been busy here! Dalton graduated kindergarten and will be moving to Mrs. Stockdale's room for first grade. We are excited for him but at the same time I'm a bit sad. These days are passing way too quickly and I can see him graduating high school already! Dylan is enjoying his time out of school. We have done Bible School all this week so we haven't really made any trips well except one to see my sisters and neices and nephews in Gadsden. We will be making more of those trips as soon as we can. We are scheduled to go to the beach in July but if BP doesn't get their act together no one will be making the trip.
Uncle Larry is doing much better, thank for all of the prayers. He is at home and recovering nicely. Our God is a God of miracles!!
Mama has been doing good, but she suffered another episode this week. She just hurts everywhere all the time so she didn't get out of bed for 2 whole days. This can't be good for your body or your mind. I would hate being cooped up, she went to the ER for a shot of steroids and is doing much better. She has returned to work let's pray that this feeling good lasts for a long time. Rather than hope, lets' pray that it lasts.
Hope you all are doing good. Aunt Naomi we got the pics from y'alls surprise visit and they are precious. I'm so glad yall came and hope we get to see you again soon. We'll be down sometime in July! Love yall!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prayers Needed

My Uncle Larry (my daddy's brother) was in a 4 wheeler accident last Wednesday morning. He has been in the hospital since with brain bleeds. The doctors took him off of his blood thinners to try to get the bleeding stopped. That worked however he now has a blood clot in his leg. Please pray that the Lord will break this clot up and Uncle Larry will be out of danger. Our family has a terrible history with diabetes and blood clots and this is a very scary time, please pray for Uncle Larry, his wife Sue, daughters Staci and Melissa, son in law John and grandchildren Stephens, Catherine, and Braxton. Thank you for your prayers, our God is still in the miracle business!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweet Boys

Dylan ,3 years old, giving me a Magnolia flower bud.
Dalton, 6 years old, giving me some dandelions.
My precious precious boys!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Story from Dalton

Dalton's story from school today. A translation : The frog lives in a hollow log. Every day the log gets rolled over. So the frog went on vacation to Hawaii. I love how he sounds it out and spells it exactly as it sounds. He is precious!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dalton competed in his first TaeKwonDo tournament this afternoon. When we pulled into the school parking lot he began to get nervous. He said "I'm feeling kinda sick." We told him to do his best. I didn't expect him to get a trophy because he was competing against kids who are much more advanced than he is. He was competing against white belts and above and he's not even to the white belt status yet. Anyway....he won first place in forms! He also had to do 3 one steps (against another student), but he didn't place in those. I was so proud that he got a trophy at all, he did wonderful! So proud of Dalton.

Grand Master Chung autographed his trophy.

Dylan did well while watching Dalton. He just played with a star wars figurine the whole time. Both sets of Grandparents came to watch. We are so thankful that they were there. Way to go Dalt we love you and are SO proud of you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well we've been sick here at the Bryant house. Dalt, Dyl and I camped out in the living room floor Friday night. About 11:30 Dyl woke up screaming and then began throwing up. This continued until Monday night. I was sick Monday but I was not affected as badly as my sweet baby. Today (Tuesday the 9th) we went to get some antinausea medication from the doc. No throw up all day!! Maybe we're on the mend. Pray that no one else gets it. Yesterday Michael came home all achey, but a good dose of Nyquil and a good night rest helped him feel much better.
I take Dylan Thursday to the eye doctor to check his eyes. He blinks a lot and really squints his eyes tightly when he blinks. Mostly this happens when he's tired or watching TV so we'll see. Maybe it's nothing.

Next week is our SPRING BREAK!! I am praying for beautiful weather. We're going to see my sisters Wednesday. We'll take our zoo of 7 children to the Birmingham zoo. I can't wait! We may go up and stay with Lee Lee Tuesday night, and then Donna has a carpal tunnel release surgery on her hands that Thursday so say an extra prayer for her and her family!

We have a lot going on, but I'm so thankful for the ability to accomplish it all!
Gotta go watch Nemo with the kiddos. Good Night!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My favorite things...

We are ready for spring here!! We have had two really nice days here in Reeltown. I just thought I would post some pics of our fun time outside. Michael bought a new tiller. We spent hours on Friday night purchasing it, then a couple of hours picking it up on Sat. However, Sat we went and picked up Zaxby's then went to Hickory Dickory Park to eat and play on the way home. Fun Fun times. Here are some pics from our Saturday.

Tilling the earth, what a manly thing to do. Although I did operate this awesome front tine tiller as well and it wasn't so hard. I'm so ready to plant some broccoli and cabbage :)
Poppa came by to test drive the tiller too.
And our beautiful Grammy coming to play with the boys for a bit. It was quite windy though.

Just a swinging. He said "I can do it all by myself, I don't need any help"

The trampoline!! We love it!!


Look at that smile.

Peek a boo, they were hiding from me in the playhouse. Look at those cute little faces. My oh my how quickly they have grown. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being their mom!! Thank you God for such precious angels!

Our Mini Valentine's Getaway

What a great time we had!! We just went to the Marriot at Grand National. It was so Fabulous. Not far away, but definetly fun! The boys wanted to go swimming for Valentines. This was their trip. There was an indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, room service, huge tub and separate shower. We went on a nature walk around the property and then to a local park. The boys had the best time and so did we. Hotels have the best beds and nice.

Ready for a swim
Two rings and a kickboard, and he CAN swim, he was just relaxing. He said "this is the life!" I agree Dalt!
The sauna with Dylan, it never got hot enough, Dyl kept going in and out, in and out....
The "hot pool" as they called it.
All the play equipment and they wanted to play on and around this huge rock. Lots of rolling down a hill too.

Mom and Dyl, taken by Dalton, great job Dalt. Dylan always makes a silly face for pictures.
Love this little face.
Best Buddies. Dalton told Dyl he was his best friend, Dylan said I can't be your best friend we're brothers. So funny. I told him "that's why you're best friends!"
Relaxing on Daddy. Such a little man, feet up and all. We had a great time, we will be going back.

Friday, February 12, 2010


It snowed here in Tallassee!! We have had so much fun. Michael was off today, he's supposed to be off every Friday, but usually he has to go in anyway. School was cancelled so Dalt and I were off too!! And of course we kept little Dyl pickle here too! Dylan was so confused. He kept asking "are we going to school? Is it raining?" He has seen snow before, but he just didn't remember. Dalton was just purely excited. Dylan doesn't like the cold so much so he wanted to stay inside and watch Lightning McQueen. Dalton and Michael rode the 4-wheeler like mad men. We ate waffles this morning with Mama and Daddy then came home to Michael and Dalton and a big fire in the fire pit outside. So much fun!! Now we're in and watching Monster's Inc. The boys have had their baths and they're all cozied up to the fire watching a movie. It's been a perfect day. I hope tomorrow we can play in the snow a bit more. Hug your families tight!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Please pray for the Jansen family. My friend Matt was killed in a hunting accident this morning. He leaves behind a sweet wife Whitney and a beautiful 2 month old daughter Avery. Please keep them and his parents and brothers in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snaggle Tooth Dalton

Dalton let me pull his tooth tonight!! Yay! We were going in the morning to have the dentist extract it. I told him that I would get the money that the tooth fairy brought to pay for the dentist. At first he said okay then he decided he wanted the dentist to pull it AND the money. So with much cohersion from Michael and myself he let us pull it. It just came right out and now he gets the money from the tooth fairy!! I'm so happy for him, our baby is growing up.