Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderful week

These are just a few pics. I'll have to post some from the fireworks later. Fun times, our God is so good. Thank you God for giving us freedom and allowing us to celebrate times like these.

Busy Busy Busy Bryants. We ran around like crazy today. This morning was Library day, then McDonalds for a highly nutritious meal :) then grocery shopping. Once we finally got home we began preparing dinner for church tonight. Elam had a going away dinner for Mama and Daddy. So many precious friends attended all of whom we will miss greatly. We have decided that for now we are pursuing a new church home. Please pray for us, pray that we will follow God's will.

We also celebrated our country's birthday with church then family time. My mother in law invited us over to swim and eat, my parents joined us, then they packed and went to Plantersville. We then had the in laws over for fireworks. It was a wonderful day, sad because it was my Daddy's last day at Elam but great because I got to spend it with so many loved ones. We are blessed.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hannah Grace Harrison

Here lately I've been feeling sorry for myself and my family. Tonight things were brought into perspective for me. My parents are moving yes, but I can drive to visit and they will still come visit us. Different for us, but most families do that all the time. My children are healthy and so is the rest of our family. But one family cannot say these things. The Harrison family is suffering. Their daughter 4 year old Hannah Grace is suffering from pineoblastoma (sp?) which is a brain tumor. The tumor was in remission and now it is growing again and there are several other spots showing up. The family was sent home today on hospice. Please pray for this sweet family and their precious little girl. God loves them more than anything and He can work miracles! Please pray. Thank you, let's all count our blessings right now.

Dear Lord, thank you for my many blessings, thank you for this much needed attitude adjustment. I bring this sweet family to your throne tonight and ask for your healing touch on little Hannah Grace. We know that you are still in the miracle business we know that you have overcome the world and all the heartache that it brings. Please provide a miracle for this family. Thank you Lord! In Christ's name, Amen