Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend News

Well, Friday the boys went to school since Michael worked. I got good reports when I picked them up. Dalton didn't make one trip to the office, so he got his prize (an .88 cent stingray from the DG, it grows when you put it in water). He was so excited! We played outside that afternoon. Saturday we played outside all day. Michael got home at 2:30am so I got the boys out as soon as they got up at 6:30. We got breakfast from Hardees at 8:30 then I wanted to go to the zoo. Dalton didn't. We stayed home and drove the remote control monster truck. We picked pears, Dalton climbed the crab apple tree, they laid in the hammock on a pillow and got their blankets from inside, I wish I had pics, they were precious! We watched the games!! Yeah Alabama and Vandy! An Auburn loss always makes a Bama win sweeter!! ROLL TIDE. (sorry honey) Sunday we went to see BOB AND LARRY from VeggieTales in concert. I thought the boys would just love it, not so much. They were ready to go at the intermission. Dylan said "yets doe" (let's go). I spent $25.00 on a LarryBoy hat with super suction ears and a VeggieTales flashlight wand. Oh well. We got home and it was time for baths and bed. The weekend seemed to fly by.

In church we talked about sins and how ALL have sinned and even judging others is a sin, not tithing (giving back to God what is rightfully His, is a SIN) . The lessons always seem to really speak to me. No one will come up to us and ask us why we believe what we believe unless we tell them what we believe. so let's tell people the worst we face is rejection not crucifixion like our Jesus did! Let's not be ashamed on judgement day. Let's live our life today as if this is the day we will meet our Saviour!

Dalton has soccer practice tonight. His first game is Thursday at 6. He will have a game every Monday and Thurday of this month starting Thursday all games will be at 6. If anyone wants to come, they will be at the softball complex in Tallassee. He's on the gold team. I really hate by the way that we are on a Tallassee team, but Reeltown doesn't have soccer. It's okay though we all know we're Rebels at heart! By the way Reeltown won again this weekend. Go Rebels!

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Jennifer Stephens said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Bro. John has been speaking on Stewardship the past month or so b/c we are re-doing our Challenge to Build. Tithing has been the topic the past 2 Sundays. We had someone agree to MATCH all the Challenge to Build Committments for the next 3 years!!! That will allow us to pay our $900K building off in a total of 6 years. The last 3 years we have given $290K - that is a God sized number and match!