Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update on the Fam

Family Reunion on Sat!! So excited. Dalton has soccer pics at 8:30 that morning so we'll be getting a late start. Next Tuesday they have school pics. We're out for fall break so I will just take them to the school for the pics then home again. I can't wait for a break with my boys.

Yesterday we got a good report from school. They decided that Dalton does better without trying to take a nap, hello, we told them that already. He is so loud soothing himself to sleep, he usually sings or bangs his head on the pillow or kicks his feet. We told him he couldn't be loud at school nap time. Even the director said "well maybe he can just sing quietly" however, the teacher at naptime wants no noise. So the other day he was making a little rythym by blowing out of his nose. He had to stand in the corner. So when he got home he had to stand in the corner. The next day they gave him a book and let him color and do activities-he was quiet the whole time! So after school yesterday we played outside. It was fun and relaxing! They were both pooped at 7. They got baths, we read and they were in bed and asleep at 8:30. I wasn't too far behind. They both woke up several times during the night so none of us got much rest.

AnnaBeth got Star Student this week! I'm so proud of her, great job! She got to present a poster of her life to the class on Monday! That was their weekend project. she also has strep throat again. She is having her tonsils removed over Thanksgiving, say prayers now. Eli's soccer team won their game on Saturday. 8-3!! They are pretty awesome. Eli pretty much plays the entire game! They won't be at the reunion on Saturday because Eli has a tournament. I'm a very proud aunt!

Remember soccer game on Thursday. Dalton's practice Monday was humorous. He did handstands and ran then rolled on the ground! I was angry that he just wasted all of his time. But I made him go grocery shopping before and he didn't have anytime to get out energy and play before practice. I asked Daddy to take him to practice and I met them at 6:15 after Dyl got a bath. He's been on an antibiotic for a week and last week he was on a milder antibiotic so his poops usually require a bath now. Tomorrow's the last day of the antibiotic maybe the ear infections are gone!! Let's pray that they are!


Anonymous said...

I hope Dyl's infections are gone too. Cole finished his antibiotic this week.

Luke complains about nap time at the sitter. That is the only place he willingly naps. He does better when he takes one, but at home or anywhere else he only takes it if he happens to fall asleep. The last home football game, I MADE him take on that afternoon b/c he is so ill by the end of the game. On the away games he will fall alseep on the way in the car.

Can't wait to see yall on Saturday!

abryant said...

Dalt's just the opposite, hates taking it at school and we make him take one at home so that I can take one too. I'm not one of the moms who gets things done while the kids nap, I nap too!! I need my rest:)

Steven and Christy said...

We are still trying to hold on to the naps! Aubrey, makes it a battle...sometimes we win and most of the time she wins! However, she is in her room resting. I can remember not liking them either.