Thursday, September 25, 2008

OCT. 11th

Family Reunion for the Stephens' has been scheduled at Uncle Ben's on Oct. 11th. I hope everyone can be there. Remember when PawPaw was alive, we were all there. Such good memories, I want my children to have those too. We need to get together on the Wilkerson side as well. Are we going to do that at Christmas again?


Anonymous said...

I "think" we decided to do Christmas again on Martin Luther King's Holiday Weekend. That seemed to work good and Christy said that it would be good for them. Of course, we are always ready to get together anytime! Love you all...Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

I definately want to get together for Christmas, I always look foward to it. I wish we could all get together more!

Love you,

Jennifer Stephens said...

I am glad to see on here a date has been finalized for the Stephens! HA!! I assume yall are coming? If you spend the night, you know yall can stay with us. Luke would love for Dalton to spend the night again!