Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Of course by now you all know that I am a HUGE Bama fan, however in order to not be at the end of the serving line and not to get seconds for the entire family at the next Stephens reunion, I am posting a HUGE ROLLTIDE today. I posted a picture of my boys in their striped shirts on my facebook page and my cousin Russell told me that they looked orange and blue!! Yucky. I told him they were red and blue so I'm in the clear now as long as I let everyone know that I am an Alabama fan! I have always been and I always will be no matter how hard my husband and my cousin Christy try to persuade me to switch! God's country is Tuscaloosa, Auburn is just an imitator!! Hope yall have an awesome day!

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Jennifer Stephens said...

That is jsut too funny!! Russell told me he was going to give you a hard time about those pics!