Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ear Infections Galore!!

Wow I had no idea that my children were hurting. I got to daycare yesterday and the boys were great, so excited to see me but once in the car that all changed. Dalton has been grumpy the past 2 days, he said his left ear hurt. But he was half asleep when he first said it and I thought he might have just had a dream that it was hurting so I gave him motrin and put a warm rag on it. Then the next night he got up about 5 times just to give me a hug or tell me a dream. Dylan also got up twice that night crying. Neither was running a temp. Tuesday Dalt said his ear didn't hurt anymore. When I got to daycare yesterday he pulled (this is disgusting if your weak stomached skip this part) a clump of slimy green stuff out of his right ear. This ear has a tube so all the infection just drains out. Then I decided that I would put ciprodex in his ear but if the left one was hurting the ciprodex won't matter because it can't get to the infection with no tube. Well, Dyl cried all the way home yesterday which is not normal for him at all. He was super fussy!! We got home and I fed them dinner because Dalt was STARVING!! (he ate half a chicken tender, yogurt, olives, and cut up cucumber and tomato...that's huge for him) I watched Dyl to see how he acted then I noticed he felt a tad warm. So into the car we all went. Once we got there no more whining. They were great, holding hands running up to strangers and making funny faces. They were wild!! By the time we left at 8:30 I needed a presciption!! Both boys have ear infections and Dyl has a contact rash on his face! Anyway we got 4 presciptions filled and got home about 9:45. Then baths one Bible story and bed. We read 1 chapter of 2 Jack and Annie books at the doctors office there was no time left for anymore at home. They both slept all night after one dose of meds and some motrin and they woke up so chipper this morning at 6:45. It was great to get some sleep!! I'm looking forward to a much better day today! But I just Praise the Lord that I have been given two wonderful children to care for. I wouldn't trade my hectic days at the doctor for anything, well maybe a crazy day at the house but you know what I mean:)


Jennifer Stephens said...

Poor things! This makes you wonder if ear infections are really not contagious since they both have one at the same time!

So, do you get to go to the Dr at night?

Steven and Christy said...

Mercy...I hope things turn around for you all. Good Luck heading into the weekend.