Friday, February 20, 2009

Thomasville, Here We Come

We are making a quick trip to Thomasville tonight. We are going to sweet Ella's singing! I am so excited that we get to go. Michael thought he would have to work tonight and didn't want me going all that way with the boys by myself. Especially since our cell phone don't pick up anywhere down there. Gotta love NEXTEL! He told them he couldn't work because he was taking his wife to Thomasville. He knows how much I wanted to go and made it happen. He is the greatest man!! However, he does have to work tomorrow. So we can't spend the night we have to come back tonight. It will be a long drive, it's a good thing we have a bigger car and a DVD player installed. We will snack (I'm spreading a sheet over the seats) and watch movies, read books, play the Leapsters, draw....and anything else to entertain the kiddies. They will most likely sleep all the way home. I'm so excited to see everyone. But since we are making such a quick teip we won't get to see EVERYONE unless you come to the singing. I hate to miss seeing my family, but since both my mom's and dad's families live there, there's no way we'll make it to see all of them. However, we all went to church together which is where Tamara went and still goes, so hopefully I will get to see a lot of you. Also don't forget the prayer chain starts tonight!!! I'm excited about that. If you haven't reserved a time and you want to email me today. We're going to check out the list after the singing tonight and see if there are any spots left. If there are I'm signing up for some more. We don't want any times left open!! Pray for a lot of funds to be raised and for our safety on the drive. And always keep praying for Ella's miracle!!

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