Monday, February 23, 2009


John 11:40 Jesus said to her,"Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?"
This is the verse I am claiming for sweet little Ella. Before I prayed Saturday at 2am I read and prayed for myself. I believe that in order to pray an effective prayer, our hearts must first be right. As I was reading this verse just jumped out at me!! The Holy Spirit is REAL!! I've never doubted that I just find it so hard to believe that some people don't believe! All of this month we have been studying about prayer. We must pray confidently, persistently, in Jesus Name, and for others. That was our Sunday School lesson this whole month. Is that a coincidence that it falls at the time of the prayer chain for Ella?? No, there are no coincidences, God knew last year, when He influenced this study that I would need it to pray more effectively for Ella. I believe that Ella is already healed. I believe on Wednesday that the doctors in Birmingham are going to see the glory of GOD!!
We left Friday going to Thomasville! I was super pumped to get to go. I wanted to get there about 5ish in order to eat before the sining, however, I didn't get home from work until 3:30 and we didnt' get to Thomasville until about 6:50. We had to stop a couple of times to use the potty and get snacks for the boys. Long Long drive, but it was fun. Dalton napped about an hour after Dylan napped about an hour. So the naps were staggered, but the boys did great. They watched a movie and read books then played video games. Once we got out of Montgomery we didn't have cell phone service. So we couldn't call to tell anyone that we were later than expected.
Now to the singing!! It was great! We saw my mom's family there, friends from Midway, and friends from high school. It was an awesome reunion. Just knowing that we were all united in prayer for one little girl was so neat. I never thought we'd all be together in a praise and worship service. At first we were just really excited to see each other, we laughed and caught up a little and enjoyed some great singing. They took an offering and during this time is when reality seemed to set in. I realized that even though it was good to see friends, it was just so sad to know that we were there praying for our friends baby. I hate that this has happened to her. Tamara spoke next . Let me just say WOW! She is so mature and such a great speaker. She did an awesome job telling their story. I prayed and prayed for her to do great and speak what God laid on her heart and she did great. We were all touched and it brought tears to all of our eyes. She is so positive and has looked at everything with such positiveness. So many things just touched my heart. I'm so glad that we got to go. I realize that I need to make some changes in my personal walk with God. I want to be spiritually mature but I don't want it to have to come through crisis. I'm commiting to more prayer and study time.Spending 30 minutes in prayer isn't hard and it very enjoyable to spend that intimate time with my Lord!
At 8:45 Michael came in to get me, he and the boys stayed in the nursery most of the time, and both boys said BOO really loud in the middle of Amy Carlisle's song. It was time to go. The ride home was quiet until we were almost home but overall it was GREAT! I'm coming back over Spring Break to visit I need more time to see everyone. (Jennifer and Russell get ready)

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