Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Long Time No Post

So I just have to tell you that I have the sweetest boys on the face of the earth. They are precious! They are the light of my life and it is such a privilege to be their mom. This weekend with them was fabulous. We went to the Scenic Overlook in Union and went for a nature hike, literally, a hike. Michael, me and both boys picked up some sandwiches and went to picnic. The boys were wearing their crocs. Not a good idea for a hike, but it was so fun. They pretended that we were on Survivorman and Dalton was our guide. It was really funny. He just admires everything. Dylan ran a temp until Sunday so I just took me and Dalton to church Sunday. He was good.

Michael took Dylan to the doctor on Monday. When he picked him up he didn’t get Dalton. I was getting Dalton after I got off work. When Michael put Dyl in the car, Dyl said “Daddy, where DaltDalt you forgot him.” Then when I picked up Dalton I told him that Dylan wasn’t there. When we got in the car he said “but mama Dylan did come here this morning, he ate his biscuit in the car beside me, where is he” He was all worried. I had to explain to him that Michael had taken him to the doctor. They were really sweet.

Then the other morning, they climbed in Dalton’s bed and cuddled up till they had to get up for school.
Yesterday, we went to buy trash bags in the dollar store and Dalton saw a Cars thermos. He said “let me buy this for Dylan. He will love it.” He didn’t ask for anything for himself just for Dylan. Then he picked up one little apartment guide book for himself. He loves those free little magazines, but he said “wait a minute” He went back and got 3 more. He said “I need four for my family. I love my family” Too sweet.

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