Monday, February 16, 2009

My Poor Family!

Me, Michael, Dalton and Dylan have escaped all illnesses! YAY. I can't say as much for the rest of our family. We took Dyl to the doc Friday for his coughing and now he is on steroids and his asthma inhaler. He's done much better since then. That's all for us. However, Leigh Ann came down with a stomach bug Sunday while visiting friends in Georgia. She was sick all the way home and now has a headache probably from dehydration. Luke ran a high temp on Sunday morning but now is better. Katie, Donna's youngest now has bronchitis. Woke up at 3am Monday morning running a temp and coughing. Our nephew Hayden went to the doc in the box on Sunday and was diagnosed with Bronchitis as well. Then my sweet mama went to work this morning and fell while there. She broke her nose and has suffered from a possible concussion. They are going to an ENT tomorrow to see what can be done. It doesn't look crooked, but it sure is swollen. She has such a tiny petite nose and it's so swollen. She has two black eyes and a scrape from her forhead to her chin. Her knees are black and blue and her hands are scraped as well. Tomorrow will be a sore day for her and she has to ride to Birmingham. She said she's going back to work her doc said no. She can't drive for a week. Bless her sweet heart. My daddy was worried when he got the call from the nurses at AUM instead of from her. He coughs alot when he gets worried and that's what he was doing when he called to tell me that she fell. So sad. When one hurts so does the other. Please pray that tomorrow goes smoothly for them and that she is not in too much pain. Thanks yall! Also thanks for the Valentines for Dalt and Dyl. They loved getting the mail from everyone! Our banquet at church was so cute. Dalton told the puch line to all the jokes from the back row. He came to one practice and memorized it all. He is a smart things. Everone thought he was supposed to be yelling the answers as part of the skit. Nope, that's just our Dalton! School tomorrow. It's a short week no big plans. Hope it involves no sickness! Pray for our families to get well quickly!

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Jennifer Stephens said...

Goodness. I hope everyone is feeling better and on their way to healing.

How's your mom? I feel for her with a bruised face. I can partially understans where she is coming from after my episode with the Stephens' new storm door Friday before last. I don't my nose is broken although it is still sore.

Let us know how her Dr's visit today comes out!