Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Dalton and I went to the dentist yesterday. Our appt. was at 4 and we didn't get there til 4:05. Our visit was great though. Dalton's teeth are so white. He had gotten some really bad staining on the bottom teeth. His teacher told him that he needed to brush his teeth or go to the dentist. That comment really upset me. We brush both of our boy's teeth morning and night. They don't drink any sodas. They only have water at night. Both were off the bottle before a year. So, yesterday I talked with the dentist about it. Dalton has been on a lot of antibiotics due to chronic ear infections. The dentist said that the staining wasn't due to the antibiotic because the stains come off. Just that because he sleeps with his mouth open, and he takes antibiotics plaque on his teeth gets very gummy and it's extremely hard to get off with brushing. He said that his teeth look good and obviously if we didn't brush them then he would have cavities. I'm just glad that his teeth are like porcelain. They look so good. He does have a precious smile.

Daddy watched Dylan while we were at the dentist. He bought Dylan a juice at the store and Dylan said "and one for Dalt Dalt too" so he bought Dalt one as well. Dalton wanted a beef stick on the way home so I stopped to buy him one and he said "and get one for Dyl too". When I got to Daddy's we both relayed our stories and I am so thankful that our boys are so thoughtful and loving toward one another. I want that relationship to stay that way always. Family is ALWAYS there for you no matter what. That's how it is with me and my sisters and I pray that we teach that to them.

Tonight's church. Another busy day, but I will enjoy my boys. They aren't little for long. There is a little girl on caringbridge whose name is katiefinch. She is in her last days. She is 5 or 6 and her belly is so swollen from this tumor in her tummy. Her sister updated today and said that Katie loves dryer lint. It's home for her. All of the familiar smells of your home is in this lint. Katie cleaned the lint filter before she got cancer and the only time she sat up this week was to clean the filter. She holds it as she falls to sleep at night and wants it when she wakes in the morning. I tell that story to say this. Think of all the little things we do everyday. There are things I do that I don't even think twice about. I need to think of what they mean to my children. What is home to my boys? What small things do I do that they really pay attention to? What kind of an example am I to them? Even the tiny things are important. To Katie, lint is so important right now. It's a sense of normalcy for her. What would be the thing that your child clings to?

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David and Nikki said...

I don't think I like Dalton's teacher. If she was worried about his teeth, she should have pulled you to the side. She's going to make him worry about his teeth when there is nothing to worry about.