Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on Mama

She is doing great! Yes she is very bruised and swollen, but she is in good spirits. She went to the ENT in Birmingham at the Kirkland Clinic yesterday. They said her nose is broken but the septum is not deviated. This is good news but they will still have to straighten it out. So even when this swelling goes down she will have to have more swelling from a nasal repair. But she is taking everything with such stride. I'm really proud of her! I still hurt for her though. She's my mama she's not supposed to get hurt. Thank you all for praying for her. Please keep it up I know that's why she's doing so great. My sis Leigh Ann is better and Luke is still running a temp. (fever virus???) Katie is better and going back to school today. Dalton threw up at school yesterday. Michael picked him up at 1:30 but he was fine. He says that someone was chewing mac and cheese and it made him sick. He has such a weak stomach and strong gag reflex. It was nice to have him at home when I got there though!

We played inside last night. I got home at 3:30 and we played Lincoln Logs, Building boards, Ned's Head, Armor of God, and Dinosaur Extinct. We also played Cars and made homemade biscuits. The boys had fun...oh and we played cops and robbers. That was so much fun. Dalton loved it! It brought back memories of playing it at John's house when we were younger. I remember Mike tripping in a hole on the side of his house and he sprained his ankle or something. We were having a great time 'til then. There were many times that we were all together and injuries occured! I used to get scratches all over my face from riding the 4-wheeler with John. He would duck under the branches and I would get hit. Fun times!

Tonight is church. I'm mentioning Ella again, we've got to fill up this prayer chain. I know with God's help we can do it.

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