Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We have a pile of poop in the hay field behind our house. It is soooo stinky! It's been there all week. Thankfully, we have been out of town most of the week. Yesterday it was so bad that we had to go up to Daddy's house to go out and play. They are fertilizing the field with chicken poop, but they still haven't spread it and it is just sitting there stinking. It's not in one big pile, it's in about 4 smaller piles and it's awful! Please pray that it's spread today so that the rain on Thursday will make the stench better.

Dalton is having tubes and getting his adenoids removed on April 2nd. Opening ceremony for t-ball is April 4th. I hope he can participate however, we'll have check with his doctor first. He asked me if they were going to have to cut his head off to remove his adenoids. Such a little thinker. I told him no but I hope they don't get your brain instead of your adenoids. He got real quite and said yeah me too. Of course I had to tell him I was just joking.

Last night we read books in my bed and I let them lay down with me til Michael got home. He moved them to their bed. That was our last night of spring break celebration. I pray that their day is good today. I miss them already!

The picture in the previous post of Dylan with a paci was the last night of him with a paci. He lost it Friday night and hasn't had it since. I hope he does good at school without it. We shall see.

God is good. Our Sunday School lesson reminded me Sunday that I need to take a stand for God even if I have to suffer or if it's not the popular thing. Nehemiah did it and we have the same God I'm so thankful that we have the Bible so that I can try to follow their examples. Hope your day is great.

By the way, Leigh Ann, I'm going to run today so I can try a 5K.

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Leigh Ann said...

You can do it. When you think of giving up, just do what I do and remember that Eli can do it. I just cannot let my 9 year old beat me!!!