Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Fun

Leaving the playhouse to get supplies to fight the bad guys!

Shooting the bad guys that were invading the play house.
Escaping from the bad guys!

Just a swinging!

Grillin'! Yummy, hotdogs, hamburgers, and sausage dogs!
Whacking the moles, remember this game? Dalton had 2 moles and me and Dylan had a mole (really I 2 moles, Dylan lost interest)
Dalt was really studying those moles! He has really gotten a lot better at this game.

Clean at last. This was actually after an afternoon bath, they both had to bathe after their Friday afternoon romp in the front yard swamp! Our weekend was busy although we did nothing. We were busy fighting bad guys, playing monster trucks and fighting dinosaurs. We had to work out hard, all of our body, on the trampoline. We had tons of fun watching movies on Saturday night (3 in a row) we were up til 11. All of us, that's super late for the Bryants! Then Sunday was a day of church. Sunday school, morning worship, lunch with the grandparents,NAP, training union, 5th Sunday Night singing, and finger food fellowship.
We have tee ball practice today, we have to get a helmet before practice. We'll be rushed but it's only one day.
Thursday Dalt is getting tubes AGAIN, and his adenoids removed. Please pray for him not to be worried. Yall have a great day! Remember no matter what happens, it's the day that the Lord made and we should REJOICE and be glad in it!


Susan Osborn said...

You are such an awesome mom! You are so right Rosaline never, ever let y'all get dirty. Tell Dalton there is no need to worry. Brandon had a total of 22 sets of tubes, tonsils and adenoids out and reconstructive surgery all before 17. He doesn't have any hearing problems and he is 25!! Enjoy all these days...they pass way too fast!!!! Love y'all.

abryant said...

Thank you so much!! I'm so glad that you get to check the blog and keep up with the long distance fam! I'm so glad that you gave me the info on Brandon it's reassuring to know that he doesn't have any hearing problems. Keep us in your prayers on Thursday!! Love y'all!