Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday and Tee Ball

A busy Monday afternoon. We had to buy the helmet then run home change clothes and get to practice.

Sharing a Kit Kat before practice. Dylan looks as if he's not sharing, but he actually gave it to Dalton.

A little distracted in the outfield. Dalt and Devin played soccer together this year. I'm glad they're on the same tee ball team. At least they will know each other when they start BIG school next year.They look like they're strategizing but.......
nope, not really.Dalton was very distracted by these flowers. He loved the taste of them. He even brought one to me to taste. I had to tell him that we don't eat flowers.

Check Ella's website. It's on the left side of my screen and it's the bottom link. She is doing great. Praise the Lord, miracles never cease! Keep praying for her miracle.
Jennifer, I hope yalls trip to the beach was awesome. Send an update soon!!

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