Thursday, March 26, 2009

Post for 3/25/09

So Tuesday was a great day. We had to go grocery shopping. The boys had a great day at school, and were great in the store. I bought them a lunchable for dinner per their request. We went home, unloaded groceries, and headed to the park. We still can't play outside at the house because of the stink. It's raining right now so it should be better since they finally spread the chicken poop. You know you live in the country when you come to work and the entire faculty is discussing how awful the smell is around their house. That's what we all did this morning. It's actually kind of humorous.

Anyway...back to the park. Dalton and Dylan were eating their dinner and I saw a little boy who goes to school here. I talked to him a little bit and he asked if Dalt could play with him. They played for about an hour then he had to go home. We stayed about another hour. Dalton wanted to swing on the tire swing. He spun so much that once we got into the car he threw up. I had to clean out everything and wash it. Dylan roared at everyone that walked by. He's really going to have trouble meeting girls when he grows up if that's how he's going to greet them. (I'll keep encouraging that:) )

Once we got home I got the boys in the bathtub. It was already 7:20 and they are supposed to be in bed at 8. I let them play a little then get out, brush teeth, and read books. When we started reading, Dalton said he was hungry. I guess so he didn't have anything left on his tummy. So I read at the table as they ate ham and bananas. That's what they requested...I know it's strange. Finally bed time at 8:45 and they fell right to sleep. First day back on schedule is so tiring. I'm so tired today that we will get right in bed after church tonight. We will have to bathe before. Pray that church goes well tonight. Wednesdays are usually hard for Dalton he gets a little hyper.

Here are some funnies that I remember about the boys:
Dylan used to pick imaginary things off of us and say it was bubble gum. Everytime he picked it he would say "Bing" then he would put it in his mouth or ours. He would get mad if we picked things off of him and pretended to put it in our mouths. He would say "no vats mines"
He used to call motorcycles "boom boom bybicles"
he would yell "big guck" everytime an 18 wheeler passed the house. He used to do tricks with his paci he could make it shake really fast.
Dalton said that my mama's hair looked like clouds. He used to say "no no dyant, no no nanny" (no bryant and no grammy) He always walked with his toes folded under his feet. (it looked sooo painful) He used to call spiders lillers and water lala. He used to hide in his room to poopy or behind the chair in the living room (in his diaper of course) Both of them call me sweet sweet mama! Only Dylan says "feet feet mama" They are my sweet sweet boys.
I'm so proud that they have gotten so big, but I miss them being my babies. I guess though they always will be my babies just not so little. Time flies way to fast!

I'm selling raffle tickets for a rifle. (try saying that 3 times fast!!!) If anyone's interested they are 2 dollars a piece and the money raised will go to the RYBL.

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