Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday...beautiful day

Future Farmer, look at that smile
Putting the potatoes in the ground with Poppa's help. Daddy couldn't have done it without Dylan, ha ha, you know the progress was much slower, but Dyl loved helping.

Planting the potatoes. Dylan had to just about crawl in the bag to find them.

Uh-oh, future trouble! Don't worry I had the keys!

Dyl and the dinos in the sandbox wrestling with an action figure.

Dalt flying high
Dylan and the dinos in the garden!
Man of my dreams!! Best Dad, Best Provider, Best Friend!!
Silly Dilly!!

A friend emailed me some of the pics she took of Dalton at practice yesterday. He enjoyed himself. Even though he didn't want to leave the house. Opening ceremonies are April 4th. If any of you are interested in buying a raffle ticket for a rifle, please let me know. We are selling those as a fundraiser for the Reeltown Youth Baseball League.


Leigh Ann said...

Sister, buy them boys some shoes! HaHaHa. Have a great afternoon!

abryant said...

I didn't even realize that they are barefoot in all of the pics at home. That's how we do it out here in the country:)