Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Tonight at 6pm Dylan debuted his soccer skills. Most of which were on his hiney!! He had a blast and he ran his little heart out. Dalton played with friends on the playground the whole time. Afterwards we celebrated with a wonderful meal at MickeyD's. I begged for Mexican....but chicken nuggets won.

On the ride to the game we were making rhymes. Dalton said let's make a rhyme about our family. His first line was something about us all having hair, then he said well....we don't. I said yes we do have hair, he said I mean long thick hair not short stubbles. I said "Dad has hair on his chin...and you have long hair on your legs" His reply was, "HEY, I was born that way and you better accept it!" Who knew he was so sensitive about the leg hair! What a hoot!

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