Monday, October 3, 2011

Funny Boys

Playing soccer with the boys yesterday and the dog joined in. She ran all over the yard with that ball. Whenever we got close to her she would grab it between her front paws and lay on it. Dalton finally got fed up. He said, "That's no fair!!" I said "what?" Dalton says "Dixie's cheatin' you can't lay down on the ball!!"

Yesterday at church I asked if Dalton put on his deodorant. He said no and I told him he smelled like onions. He said no mom I smell like PlayDoh. When I laughed he said "No seriously, I smell like Play Doh."

I handed Dylan my bag of church supplies and asked him to carry it upstairs. He hung it on his shoulders and put his hands together on the side of his chin. He then batted his eyes and said "I'm a little girl."

Tonight during prayer time I said "God please help Dylan not to interrupt me while praying" when I was done it was Dylan's turn. He prayed "Dear God please help mom not to diserupt me. Amen" Afterwards I told him I would try not to do that.

These boys keep us laughing. They are funny when they are trying to be serious and that is really hard for us not to laugh. I am so blessed to be their mom!!

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