Friday, October 7, 2011


I don't believe there is anything like a REELTOWN homecoming. This year we honored the classes of 72, 82, 92, and 02. There were so many people in attendance. It just proves that it is truly great to be a Reeltown Rebel! We left early this morning getting this Blue and White day started. The school looked fab and the kids looked even better!! I love my job, it's like a little family! We certainly have a sense of community here!

Dress up days this week were tacky day, decade day (Dalton went as the Lone Ranger), Celebrity Day (he was Karate Kid), twin day (he matched a friend in class), and today was School color day! I'm so glad that he wanted to participate this year. Fun Fun times!

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Steven and Christy said...

That face paint looks really cool!