Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week in Photos

After Dalton's team won today we went for a celebration lunch at Cozumel. Grammy and Poppa were able to come see the game today and share lunch with us. Not sure what was wrong with Dylan's eyes in this picture. Dalton's thing right now is bunny ears.

Poppa feeling Dalton's loose tooth??

Grammy enjoying the madness.

Dalton between plays.

Nephew Hayden between plays, he's 5 and our nephew Gabe is 00.

Lining up for a play in the last regular season game.

Our trip last week to Disney, tons of fun and NO rest!! It was an absolute blast! So glad we could share this with our boys.

Dylan before the Safari at Animal Kingdom.

Dalton our little Indiana Jones before the Safari. He was super excited!!

All four of the boys on one Harley. This was the night before we went to Disney....look out here they come and Disney will never be the same.

Pirates thing ever so much fun!!

The large 4 seater jacuzzi tub was one of our favorite things about the room.

The swan peddle boats were also at our hotel! AWESOME! There was also putt putt, and multiple swimming pools and playgrounds.

Last soccer game was Thursday. Dylan's ear warmer was off his ear by the end of the game. He was so excited about his bobble head trophy and purple cupcake.

This was our last day at Disney on the playground before the 9 hour trek home. All out of order, sorry, but it was time to add some pics of our crazy busy life. I love every second!! Very truly blessed!

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