Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well our new addition was the last post....she came to us back in January and here it is the first of October. Sorry I'm such a slacker.

We almost have our first 9 weeks of second grade behind us. Dalton so far has all A's and will have all A's on his report card unless his conduct grade is a B. I must say I am so proud of him. His B in conduct is due to his love of all things social. What can I say...he is his mother's son. Sorry, Dalt. Dalton is also playing 6-8 year old football this season. He played baseball and made All Stars. Now he is the left tackle on his little football team. We are so blessed that he gets to play with two of his cousins, Gabe and Hayden. What a neat bond they will have! Right now they are undefeated. It's so fun to watch them play, just like little men!

Our little Dylan is doing great in preschool. He is learning all of his letters and can write his name very well. He has a new haircut, thanks to mom's butchering job. He had a perfectly good cut, but I decided to try to trim it up a little more and boy did I make a mess of it. We had to take him to Regis in the mall and get it shaved. He's cute though! Dylan is going to play soccer this year. His first game will be this Tuesday. He loves it and he runs the whole time. Let's just hope we don't score for the other team.

Michael just had some steroid injections in his low back to relieve some inflammation after his partial discectomy in December. He is doing good, but I think he would do well with a little rest from his heavy lifting. He helps coach Dalton's football team and he's such a good coach.

As for me, I just soak it all up! I love this season of fall and the coolness of it. I love the bonfires we have and the family time we share. Our boys are growing up so fast and there isn't a day that passes that I don't thank God for these little gifts. Although I will say that there are days that I am so thankful for bedtime :-)

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Steven and Christy said...

So glad you posted! I love getting to see pictures of the boys. Keep the post coming!