Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well we've been sick here at the Bryant house. Dalt, Dyl and I camped out in the living room floor Friday night. About 11:30 Dyl woke up screaming and then began throwing up. This continued until Monday night. I was sick Monday but I was not affected as badly as my sweet baby. Today (Tuesday the 9th) we went to get some antinausea medication from the doc. No throw up all day!! Maybe we're on the mend. Pray that no one else gets it. Yesterday Michael came home all achey, but a good dose of Nyquil and a good night rest helped him feel much better.
I take Dylan Thursday to the eye doctor to check his eyes. He blinks a lot and really squints his eyes tightly when he blinks. Mostly this happens when he's tired or watching TV so we'll see. Maybe it's nothing.

Next week is our SPRING BREAK!! I am praying for beautiful weather. We're going to see my sisters Wednesday. We'll take our zoo of 7 children to the Birmingham zoo. I can't wait! We may go up and stay with Lee Lee Tuesday night, and then Donna has a carpal tunnel release surgery on her hands that Thursday so say an extra prayer for her and her family!

We have a lot going on, but I'm so thankful for the ability to accomplish it all!
Gotta go watch Nemo with the kiddos. Good Night!

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Susan Osborn said...

Bless your heart! Ansley shared the stomach bug not long ago with Allison, Brandon and me. I had not had a stomach virus in 15 years (no joke). I sure hope everyone gets better and that you get to enjoy your Spring Break. Will be praying for Donna.