Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dalton competed in his first TaeKwonDo tournament this afternoon. When we pulled into the school parking lot he began to get nervous. He said "I'm feeling kinda sick." We told him to do his best. I didn't expect him to get a trophy because he was competing against kids who are much more advanced than he is. He was competing against white belts and above and he's not even to the white belt status yet. Anyway....he won first place in forms! He also had to do 3 one steps (against another student), but he didn't place in those. I was so proud that he got a trophy at all, he did wonderful! So proud of Dalton.

Grand Master Chung autographed his trophy.

Dylan did well while watching Dalton. He just played with a star wars figurine the whole time. Both sets of Grandparents came to watch. We are so thankful that they were there. Way to go Dalt we love you and are SO proud of you!

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