Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Mini Valentine's Getaway

What a great time we had!! We just went to the Marriot at Grand National. It was so Fabulous. Not far away, but definetly fun! The boys wanted to go swimming for Valentines. This was their trip. There was an indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, room service, huge tub and separate shower. We went on a nature walk around the property and then to a local park. The boys had the best time and so did we. Hotels have the best beds and nice.

Ready for a swim
Two rings and a kickboard, and he CAN swim, he was just relaxing. He said "this is the life!" I agree Dalt!
The sauna with Dylan, it never got hot enough, Dyl kept going in and out, in and out....
The "hot pool" as they called it.
All the play equipment and they wanted to play on and around this huge rock. Lots of rolling down a hill too.

Mom and Dyl, taken by Dalton, great job Dalt. Dylan always makes a silly face for pictures.
Love this little face.
Best Buddies. Dalton told Dyl he was his best friend, Dylan said I can't be your best friend we're brothers. So funny. I told him "that's why you're best friends!"
Relaxing on Daddy. Such a little man, feet up and all. We had a great time, we will be going back.

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